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RunPee year in review 2013

It’s been another noteworthy year for the RunPee app. The biggest change this year is unquestionably our partnership with AMC theaters. We share our data with the theater chain so that they can include RunPee data in their app. In exchange we get a yearly payment for the data and can see movies for free […]

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – movie review

Grade: B+ I enjoyed the movie but I didn’t love it. I was really hoping this would rank up there with the classic inspirational movies, such as Dead Poets Society,  Good Will Hunting, et al., but it didn’t quite make that kind of impression on me. (Maybe it’s because I was concentrating on finding Peetimes.) […]

The Wolf of Wall Street – movie review

Grade: B+ It’s hard to judge the quality of the movie because it’s rather unique. It’s told mostly through narration by Leonardo DiCaprio throughout the movie. One thing I can say with confidence is that the movie is funny. I was in a packed theater and the audience laughed dozens of times. In fact it […]

Saving Mr. Banks – movie review

An enchanting story from beginning to end. The story wove the past with the present – present being 1961 – beautifully. The flashbacks to Mrs. Travers’ past helped us understand her character and build the drama for the climax of the movie. The acting was what you would expect if you are expecting perfection. Emma […]

Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues

Grade: C Despite the fact that I hate myself for laughing at anything during a Will Ferrell movie, I was unable to contain myself – a few times. Most of the movie was rather forgettable. The humor was embarrassing, or most of the time, just not funny. However, I loved the “last battle” scene. That […]

Movie review – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I’m torn between feeling that Desolation of Smaug sometimes feels like a visit to an amusement park, where you spend all your time either riding a roller coaster or waiting in line for the next ride to start, or it feels like a fresh interpretation of a classic fantasy. Note: One thing Desolation of Smaug […]

Elysium – movie review

Grade: C- In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge scifi fan. Unfortunately that means I’m really hard on scifi movies. They have to be outstanding for me to give them a good rating. Unfortunately Elysium orbits a long, LONG, way from outstanding. If you’re not a particularly big scifi fan anyway then you may […]

The Wolverine – movie review

Grade: B- I thought The Wolverine was good, but forgettable. I doubt if I’ll ever want to watch it again, even on DVD. If I do it will be for the character Yukio (Rila Fukushima), the girl with the red highlights. She was a pleasant addition to the story and I love the way she […]

R.I.P.D. – movie review

Grade: C- If you didn’t already guess from the previews R.I.P.D. is essentially Men In Black with dead people. Except MIB is a classic, funny movie. R.I.P.D. is, at best, mildly amusing. The audience laughed a handful of times but not very hard. And if I recall correctly the only funny bits are Jeff Bridges’ […]

Pacific Rim – movie review

Grade: C- Pacific Rim can easily be described as nothing but Monster/Robot porn. Yes, there’s a plot, and back story, and character development, but those elements are all handled with heavy handed exposition and cliches. I can’t imagine anyone walking out of the theater thinking, “What a richly developed and coherent universe they created.” But […]