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Mom’s Night Out – movie review

Grade: B- Because of the way movie releases shook out this week I had to see *Mom’s Night Out* – not exactly my genre. Going in I hadn’t seen a single preview for this movie, a rarity, so I had no expectations whatsoever. *Mom’s Night Out* isn’t a good movie, but you’re probably going to […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – movie review

Grade: C+ Overall I’m not terribly impressed with Spider-Man 2, but I’ve not been much impressed with any of the movies in either Spider-Man series. My general feeling is that the characters, especially the villains, lack depth and believable motivation – more on that later. The story was a little jumpy to me. There’s apparently […]

Transcendence – movie review

Grade: C I didn’t find Transcendence to be bad, but I didn’t think it was very good either. First, the opening scene in the movie is 5 years after the events that transpire. It leaves no room for suspense during the movie because you already know pretty much how things turn out – not well. […]

Draft Day – movie review

Grade: B+ I’m a huge football fan. (Roll Tide) When I first saw the previews to Draft Day I thought, “Okay, maybe hard core football fans can get behind this but no one else is going to want to see it.” Then I discovered that it’s directed by Ivan Reitman, who also directed Dave, Ghost […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – movie review

Grade: A- Captain America: The Winter Soldier has everything you want in an Action/Adventure: action in spades, well paced, great acting, largely believable, and a few good laughs sprinkled throughout. The Action was pretty much all you could ask for. Chris Evans, as Captain America, is a great combination of grace and brute force. His […]

6 things you must know before seeing Noah

Filmmakers followed biblical ark design Instead of creating a super cool Hollywood version of the ark, the director insisted on using the measurements giving in Genesis.  “30 cubits high, by 50 cubits wide, by 300 cubits long and three levels high.”  How big is a cubit?  We don’t know. Shot in Iceland The director decided […]

Fixing vibration issues with the Timer

For the past few days users have been reporting a problem with their phones not vibrating when using the Timer. The phone vibrates when testing but not while the Timer is running. This appears to be caused by a recent update to iOS to version 7.1. Here are a few simple things you can do […]

Veronica Mars – movie review

Grade: A I wouldn’t consider myself a Marshmallow, but I did watch, and enjoy, the Veronica Mars TV series. The movie is everything you would expect from a great two part TV episode. There is Veronica’s familiar sharp witted dialog, and the pacing is just like the TV show. They did a great job paying […]

300: Rise of an Empire – movie review

Grade: C+ This is no 300. I loved that movie and have seen it many times. However, Rise of an Empire was better than I thought it would be because from the previews it looked pretty horrible. It’s just as overly dramatic as 300, maybe even more so because Sullivan Stapleton, who plays the main […]

Non-Stop – movie review

Grade: C+ Non-Stop was more enjoyable than I thought it would be, however, I wasn’t expecting much.Liam Neeson, as always, is a fantastic choice for the flawed hero character. Even in his 60s he’s still great at close combat action scenes. He’s only getting better at action/fighting due to the number of movies he’s made […]