The Batman Peeple’s Poll breakdown

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The Batman Peeple’s Poll results breakdown—by age and gender

A lot of you know we have a poll in the RunPee app where we ask fans to rate a movie before they see it — using expectations — and again after they see it, to compare how it did. We think this is some pretty unique movie data and shows some interesting trends. We call this the Peeple’s Poll because — well, it should seem obvious.

The Batman vs The Peeple’s Poll

Give the chart some time. There’s a lot to break down. If it helps, the light red/green colors represent the Expectation Rating, and the darker colors represent the Final Rating. I limited the vertical axis to only the necessary range of 75-100 so that the changes would be exaggerated. If I keep a 0-100 range it obscures the subtle differences.

If you focus only on the men/red colors, then you’ll notice a distinctive u-shaped curve to the results over age. The Batman appealed to the older and younger crowd more than those in the middle. Roughly speaking, the same can be said for women, only not as pronounced.

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Gender only results

According to the data, women went into the theater with a lower expectation rating than men, but their final rating is nearly the same as men. By the numbers: Women had an expectation rating of 7.7, whereas men had an 8.2 expectation. The final rating was pretty close: 8.3/women to 8.4/men. The difference is that women’s final rating improved by 0.6 over expectation, whereas the men’s final rating improved 0.2 over expectation.

Gender vote counts

For whatever reason, men out voted women by a 3-to-1 margin for The Batman. Come on ladies. You need to step up and vote more often!

I don’t know what the gender ratio is for the RunPee app in general, but I suspect that it’s close to 50/50, with men maybe outnumbering women by a few percent. But, what I do know: 16,419 men have submitted at least one vote to the Peeple’s Poll over the life of the RunPee app, but only 8,799 women have done so. That’s a 2-to-1 difference. I’m very curious why women seem to be more reluctant to submit their thoughts to the Peeple’s Poll.

Ratings vs Time

If you agree that true fans of Batman were more likely to see the movie sooner rather than later, then the data shows said true Batman fans had a higher expectation than maybe the casual fans, who may have wanted until Sunday to see the movie. The expectation fell from a high of 83.5 on Friday, to a low of 79.3 on Sunday. I’ll revisit this data after next weekend and see what the longer trend implies.

day Expectation Final Rating Delta
Friday 83.5 84.8 1.3
Saturday 81.3 85.2 3.9
Sunday 79.3 82.6 3.3
Monday 79.7 82.2 2.5

More Data

Can you think of any other movie data breakdowns you would like to see? I’m good at data wrangling. 🙂

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  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Good data. I can’t say why women vote less, but for me, once I get in my seat and finish fussing around with my stuff, the previews start and then I zone out until the movie begins (no phone wrangling time). Not that any of that is necessarily gender based, but that’s my excuse.

  • Anonymous

    I’m watching Batman. When can I piss break please?!

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    The “Peetimes” are in the RunPee mobile app. You can download it for iOS or Android. Just click the buttons at the very top of the screen.

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