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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #116 (June 1st, 2022)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. Top Gun: Maverick It’s thirty-six years later. Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is still flying for the US Navy mainly thanks to his best friend and former rival Admiral Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky. There’s a new class, […]


I Feel The Need…The Need For Top Gun: Maverick

Cast your mind back to 11th July 2019. You might have been thinking fondly of getting tickets for the following day’s premiere of the longest awaited sequel. After all, Top Gun came out way back in 1986 so that made a thirty three year gap. It was set to be sandwiched between Spider-Man:Far From Home […]

Movie Review – Top Gun 1986

Just as the same man cannot step into the same river twice, neither can the same movie critic review the same movie twice. The movie may not change, but the reviewer is never the same from one viewing to the next. Especially when there are about 30 years between viewings. I know from firsthand experience […]

Tom Cruise Wants You To Fix Your TV

Have you ever heard of Motion Smoothing? I haven’t either. Apparently the new HDTVs come with it already defaulted on, and Tom Cruise wants you to turn it off, dammit, when you sit down to watch movies at home. He even took time out from filming the Top Gun sequel to tell everyone how to […]

Virgin Movie Review – Guardian

Well, this was a typical disaster film that somehow I missed on the first round. I LOVE disaster movies, and thrillers, of which Guardian managed to tick on both boxes. The problem here is that it wasn’t much of a film, being both derivative and predictable. The lead actors seemed to sensed this, apparently, since […]

Top Gun 2: Maverick — Tom Cruise Spotted Filming in San Diego

Not only has a street in Miramar — the naval base area in San Diego — been re-named “Top Gun Street” (I’ve seen it myself and hope to get you a photo soon), but sightings are being reported all over the city with Tom Cruise himself popping up. He’s been seen riding a motorcycle on […]