Indie Movie Review – The Dinner Party (2020)

I was quite looking forward to seeing The Dinner Party after I saw the trailer and, to be honest, I wasn’t disappointed. It all revolves around the titular dinner party, which is being held by some local power brokers. A playwright, who wants his latest effort produced, has come along with his wife to try […]

The Biggest Box-Office Hits With Terrifying Basements

Horror movies can do incredibly well or incredibly poorly at the box office, and it’s hard to tell which a movie will be before it happens. Box office success might not be the only indicator of a good movie, but it’s something many people look at when judging whether they’ll be interested in a film. […]

Who is Who in IT – Chapter 2

IT: Chapter 2 opens this week, promising bigger scares and more blood than the first part.  (Is that even possible?)  If you’re like me, you haven’t visited these Stephen King characters since the first IT movie came out two years ago. IMPORTANT: IT Chapter 2 is almost 3 hours long…you’re going to need to know […]

Halloween 2nd Trailer Released, Curtis to Whip Some Psycho Butt!

Halloween is coming — in more ways than one. We at RunPee couldn’t be more excited for Jamie Lee Curtis, after all this time (since 1978!), to scare HER psycho boogeyman Mike Meyers, and whup his deranged butt for once and for all. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to go to prison, allowing for […]