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Movie Review – The Disaster Artist

I’m working on my review for The Disaster Artist right now, but wanted to give you a heads up while I do it. It’s hilarious, and full of amazing actor and director cameos. The audience was into it in a way that I haven’t seen since my last midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture […]

Movie Review – Daddy’s Home 2

It’s been almost 24 hours since I saw the movie and I’m still laughing. This was perhaps THE funny movie of the Christmas season. I am really curious how it was on the set. It looked like they had so much fun. This cast was stupendous. Each and every actor was great. I can’t single […]

Movie Review – Logan Lucky

If I was forced to describe this movie in one word, I’d choose deceiving. We walked into the theater expecting a slap-stick goofy comedy where everything that can go wrong does. Well, let me tell you, we were wrong. It is very funny, but not in a slap-stick kind of way — it was a […]

Movie Review – The Hitman’s Bodyguard

*The Hitman’s Bodyguard* is really, really darn hysterical. The audience laughed out loud, frequently, as the relationship between Ryan Reynold’s and Samuel Jackson’s characters would ramp up, get deep, get ridiculous, and grow more affectionately abusive towards each other. There are car chases (many) and foot races (also, many)…but the heart of the movie is […]

Movie Review – We’re The Millers

We’re the Millers definitely surprised me. I had seen trailers for it for months and thought it looked good, but was worried that they had already shown us all the good stuff. Thankfully, I was wrong. There were many scenes that were over the top funny that I hadn’t seen yet. Will Poulter, who played […]

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