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New Movie Review – Ammonite

I walked into Ammonite thinking I was going to enjoy it — and I wasn’t disappointed. I had my hopes up based purely on the cast; Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Jones, and Fiona Shaw. I don’t think I’ve seen anything with those actors in that I haven’t enjoyed, and they were all on top […]


Movie Review – Operation Finale

Let me start off by saying I’m not into historical movies. I prefer to walk into a theater and be amused or scared for a couple of hours. If I wanted to learn about a specific historical event, I’d pick up a book and read about it. That’s why Runpee Dan usually doesn’t send me […]


Movie Review – Seberg

An absolute stunning portrayal of a shocking travesty. I feel my previous line says it all, but let’s go a little deeper, starting with Kristen Stewart’s performance. That gal did her homework on Seberg; at times I forgot it was Stewart — it totally felt like I was watching the actual Jean Seberg. (Yes, I […]


Is there anything extra during the end credits of Seberg?

No, there are not any extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Seberg. View details and movie information…

Movie Review – Bombshell

Bombshell was full of great acting. Every single actor/actress in this movie gave it their all. It was a star studded performance. I really enjoyed the direction the movie took. You are watching this basically through the eyes of three very strong women. Theron, Kidman and Robbie each nailed their characters. Their presence wasn’t only […]

Movie Review – Dark Waters

It was an amazing expose that has reignited the media and informed the public about this company and its subsidiaries. I found this movie inspirational because it depicted the hard work of a lawyer who dedicated more than a decade of his life to see justice prevail. It was eye-opening for me because so often, […]

Never Surrender – A Galaxy Quest Retrospective

I just smiled my ass off for 95 minutes. And you will too, if you’ve loved Galaxy Quest since it premiered in 1999. I’ve been telling everyone in earshot for decades that Galaxy Quest is one of the best “Star Trek” movies ever made. It was kind of fun to hear this exact sentiment expressed […]

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Will Make You Feel Loved Again

I just came out from viewing A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. And this is funny: last night I watched the award-winning 2018 documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor. I like being a sort of completist. Bear this in mind: I don’t like documentaries. I can’t think of another documentary I’d watch on purpose if’s […]

Movie Review – A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

First of all, big kudos to the writers, Micah Fitzerman-Blue, and Noah Harpster. They put together an amazing story which showcased the brilliance of the beloved Fred Rogers. Although the story was only partially true (the character of Lloyd Vogal was based on writer Tom Junod) the embellishments were there to emphasize the true nature […]

Movie Review – The Aeronauts

This was a nice way to spend an hour and (nearly) three quarters. Lots of lovely visuals, chemistry between the cast, and a few thrills thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure how much of the visuals are CGI, but a good proportion of them are. Nothing in London is taller than the Elizabeth […]

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