The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

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RunPee has no employees, just family.


Dan Gardner Dan Gardner (Founder-creator)
Software developer, aspiring author, sci-fi/action/superhero fan.
Vera Tsien-Gardner Vera Tsien-Gardner (CEO RunPee China)
Advertising Manager, sci-fi/action/superhero fan.
Jill Florio Jill Florio (RunPee co-founder)
RunPee co-founder, Chief of Operations (COO), Content Manager, Editor in Chief, sci-fi/action/superhero fan.
Ginger Gardner, RunPee Mom Ginger Gardner (RunPee Mom)
#1 RunPeep, Quiz Master, historical and animated movie fan.
Christene Johnson, RunPee Sis Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis)
Horror movie buff.
Dana Simone Dana Simone!
Mother, event host, philanthropist,  author, and motivational speaker.
Shani Ogilvie Shani Ogilvie
Boston University alum. Social impactor by profession and a proud New York City native.
Shanee Edwards Shanee Edwards
Film critic and entertainment writer for
Danielle Johnson Danielle Johnson (RunPee Niece) 
Loving mother to my 6 year old daughter Savannah (Nanna). I love reading books about paranormal activities
Rob Williams Rob Williams (RunPee UK) 
RunPeep living in the United Kingdom, conveniently 5 hours ahead of the US Eastern Time.