The 5 Best College Movies to Watch

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Whether you are already in college or just a recent high school graduate, college movies can be a great way to stay in touch with campus life after graduation. Here are the 5 best movies for college students.

  1. The Waterboy

An absolute classic, The Waterboy is a hilarious college movie that follows the story of Bobby Boucher, a big man on campus who just happens to be clumsy and acts like a child. After suffering mental trauma at the hands of his coach, he goes home to live with his mother and sister. He becomes her guardian angel, and it turns out he was a pretty good waterboy all along. This movie not only demonstrates a hilarious and endearing love story, but also reminds every college student of their time as a waterboy or watergirl.

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  1. Animal House

Animal House is one of the greatest college movies ever made, and it’s essential to any movie collection. John Belushi has one of his best roles as the rowdy fraternity brother Blutarsky, whose humor is matched by the funniest scenes in the movie. This comedy is a hit because of its trademark “wild and crazy” college stereotype.

The Animal House movie is so loved that it inspired a television series of the same name. After that, the two were eventually merged into one show, although neither was very successful. Still, this classic is a must-see for any college student.


  1. Sydney White

This movie is one of the best coming-of-age tales and also one of the best movies for college students. The story follows high school student Sydney White, who is on her way home after being expelled from her high school dance team. While walking along, she meets a mysterious girl that gives her some advice, which leads to a big surprise. This tale is humorous and romantic, and it’s a great way to stretch your imagination while learning about the wild world outside of the classroom.


  1. Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a fantastic movie that combines an unexpected romance with some really great music. The main character, Beca, is a talented singer and is about to start college in the same city as her father. She meets her father’s new coworker and falls for him immediately. However, her traditional South Park-loving dad isn’t happy at all. They form a deeper friendship as they work together to make their college debut as a group called the Barden Bellas.


  1. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde has been a beloved movie for more than a decade, and with good reason. The story is all about Elle Woods, who goes from sorority girl to Harvard student after her boyfriend breaks up with her for not taking school seriously. She decides to prove him wrong and become a serious law student. As she navigates her way through campus life and new friendships, she learns the value of being true to herself in this fun rags-to-riches comedy.

This list of the 5 best college movies covers everything from coming-of-age tales to hilarious comedies. Whether you’re a freshman, junior, or senior, these movies are sure to give you a case of nostalgia. For you to get time to watch these movies while having assignments you can always find essay assistance from organizations that offer essay writing help.


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