Movie Review – Trolls World Tour (A new movie actually *worth* watching)

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Absurdist subversive satire. Yes, really!

Trolls World Tour is an actual new movie and it’s out there to watch at drive-in theaters across the nation. It’s also “live” here and there in any theaters that manage to be open during the pandemic. And we now have the Peetimes on the RunPee app to help you enjoy all the musical acts! Which really are funny as hell.

But is Trolls World Tour any good? Should adults bother to see it?

Trolls manages to hit all the notes of a good movie, if you can tolerate a little weirdness. Okay, a lot of weirdness. I’m convinced the writers were on some interesting drugs for this one. And you should watch it with that mindset. The movie is completely cracked in a way that will go right over kids’ heads — so it’s fine to take your youngsters. You’ll all enjoy it on entirely different levels.

Trolls is also a Message Film. And the message is so spot on right now that it takes my breath away. How did they know the US would be dealing with riots, protests, violence, and intense anger over humanity’s differences? How could a crazy insignificant toy-based animated flick could be so…prescient?

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I actually watched this movie twice in a row for RunPee. The first time, I was sort of packing my stuff up to return from Brazil, looking for Peetimes in the background from the moments between songs (yes, Trolls is a musical). And when it ended, I started it again to pay closer attention to the story. It’s clever. You don’t expect that from what should be a silly kiddie diversion.

I didn’t see the first Trolls movie, as RunPee Mom essentially dismissed it. But I’m curious if it has the same sly absurdist satire in the background. Now I have to download that. I hope there’s more music.

Let’s give Trolls World Tour a solid B, for somehow managing to have a message without being cloying, a subversive sense of humor adults will appreciate, in an hour and a half of colorful popcorn fun to take your mind off CoVid. If you have a drive-in theater near you, take the family and go.

Movie Grade: B

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  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Something I was thinking here: The back story with Barb and the Rock Trolls vs the Pop Troll history made me think of the Nu Battlestar Galactica: ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AND ALL THIS WLL HAPPEN AGAIN. So say we all.

    Also, I think I heard a Luke Skywalker musical theme cue when the Pop Trolls set off on their journey. Hmmm….

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