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Discover This: Great Horror Films for Students

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Frightening creatures, supernatural happenings and all kinds of unexpected dangers make horror movies popular with people of all ages. Students love watching horror movies. Watching a good horror movie can provide just the kind of stress relief you need when your studies are getting you down. If you want to take a break and watch a horror movie, here are some suggestions of oldies but goodies. 



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Ghostbusters manages to create a great blend of science fiction, horror, and comedy. The film runs for an hour and 45 minutes. The three actors are at the prime of their careers and exchange quips between the supernatural surprises they experience. 

The visuals are frightening, but the comedic relief helps to balance this out. Watch the original film made in 1984 with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. You will enjoy a mixture of laughs and frights before returning to your studies with renewed focus. 


If you love watching paranormal possession and hauntings, Poltergeist is probably one of your favorites. This horror movie from 1982 was directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg. 

The Freeling family tries to cope as they experience increasing haunting by evil spirits. Their dream home turns into a nightmare when five-year-old daughter Carol becomes the target of these menacing spirits. Steve and Dianne eventually turn to a parapsychologist and then an exorcist when Carol goes missing.

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RunPee is the only app we use before movies and afterward. not only does RunPee tell you when it’s a good time to leave the theater, kids these days ask if there’s anything during/after the credits, and RunPee lets parents know when there might be some thing that a kid might miss!

RunPee has tidbits, ratings, leave the theater times, and lengths. This is THE VITAL APP for watching any movie!

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Get the RunPee app at the Google Play Store     Get the RunPee app at the Google Play Store

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Attack the Block

Attack the Block is an alien invasion movie with the twist of being set in a South London suburb. The neighborhood youth must work together to save their neighborhood. The movie offers laughs and scares with some social commentary in the mix. 

All the barriers between the cast of under-20s disappear quickly in the fight for survival. The movie is suspenseful and moves along at a fast pace. It will keep your attention throughout as you enjoy watching the performances of the talented young actors. 


Gremlins is a monster story with a difference because it has many layers. The movie lasts for an hour and 46 minutes. A gadget salesman buys his son a “mogwai,” which cannot be exposed to water or bright light or be fed after midnight. 

Of course, this all happens, and a gang of gremlins is set loose on the town on Christmas Eve. This movie is wildly original, with some wicked wit. Cute Christmas toys turn into murderous monsters. Some of the lines may feel dated, but the movie has aged well and still has the energy that made it a hit in 1984. 

Soul Survivors

College campuses always look idyllic in movies, except when they become the setting for a horror movie. In the 2001 horror movie, Soul Survivors, Cassie is a college student whose boyfriend died. She starts living a nightmare of weird happenings after surviving the car accident. Otherworldly visitations turn the campus into a scary place. 

This movie has some really scary moments, although overall critics found little to recommend it. You can be inspired by movie themes for unusual student works. Assignment Bro will help you to reveal the topic, where you can find many tools for writing quality work. You can use it to help you stay on track with your assignments and perform them better. 

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski, involves some pure psychological terror. There is minimal on-screen violence, but the aliens, with their super-sensitive hearing, are terrifying. A family must live in silence, as even the slightest whisper can bring death. 

You will get into the mindset of the family as you watch this movie and be afraid of the consequences of making a sound. This 90-minute movie is scary, inventive and well-acted. 


Hopefully, some of these horror movie suggestions will provide a way for you to focus on something other than your studies for a while. There’s nothing quite like a horror movie to entertain you and make sure you experience a change in mood. You can return to your studies with renewed enthusiasm after taking a break to watch a horror movie. 

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