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10 Top Fall Movies to Get You in the Autumn Mood

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Knives Out - Baseball

There’s no doubt that Autumn is the most exciting season of the year and many people’s favorite. Apart from enjoying road trips with trails of leaves, you can also indulge yourself with cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, and the numerous activities that come with the season. There are many ways to celebrate the new seasons, from DIY crafts to pumpkin carving to apple picking. However, covering yourself up with a big blanket and binge-watching some classic movies is one of the best ways to get through this season, and it may just be what you need to get you in the autumn mood.

Thankfully, streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix offer a wide range of fall movie options that you can choose from to remind you of the season. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, whether it is a back-to-school drama, family-friendly thanksgiving movie, or a Halloween mystery movie. If you are like us, making a list of movies to prepare you for the fall season, and you need some help, then you are on the right page. This article discusses ten fall movies that you can watch to get you in the autumn mood.

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1. Knives Out

You are likely to get lots of drama from family gatherings, but in Knives Out, the drama is at a whole new level. After the murder of Harlan Thrombey, a famous crime novelist, all his relatives became suspects in his death. After all, they all wanted a part of his wealth. This drama-filled autumn finery movie stars Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, and many more, with Daniel Craig continuing the role of detective in the sequel.

2. Hocus Pocus

This movie had the Sanderson sisters wait for what was their golden moment. The witches (acted by Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker) were resurrected hundreds of years after their neighbors turned on them in Salem. There were many changes in New England between the time that they were killed as witches and their resurrection. This movie remains a spectacular autumn movie and a family-friendly classic Halloween flick. The film is set to get a sequel in 2022 on Disney Plus.

3. Crossing Delancey

Amy Irving, playing the role of Isabella, is an independent New Yorker. She continues to resist efforts by her grandmother to match-make her with a Jewish guy at every opportunity while in her 30s. However, her Bubbe may be right about the ‘Jewish boy,’ Sam Posner, a salesman at the Low East Side. The movie is based on a play and was directed by the author of that play, Joan Micklin Silver. This movie preserves an era in New York that’s now bygone, especially during the colder months.

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4. Practical Magic

Watching this fall movie may make you wish you were born into the closely-knit Owens family, with magical powers passed down through the generations. However, there is a problem; and it is that the women in the family, such as Gillian and Sarah, are cursed. Every man that they fall in love with will suffer sudden death. Practical Magic is a highly re-watchable movie, and it follows through the sisters doing all they can to break the curse. You should try to read the book series by Alice Hoffman when you finish the movie.

5. The Cider House Rules

If you are looking for the best novels to curl up with throughout an autumn day, the ideal choice would be a New England-set novel by John Irving. This movie is inspired by one of those novels, so it sure has the same effect. Dr. Larch raises Homer Wells in an orphanage. Then he gets wrapped up within the orphanage’s system, where the doctor carries out secret abortions. This movie is a poignant story that starts to unfold among Maine landscapes.

6. Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon started the movie script while he studied at Harvard University. He later took it to Ben Affleck, his childhood friend, and they both co-wrote the screenplay. Damon played the role of Will Hunting, who was a young 20-year-old genius lost and aimless in this world. He worked at Harvard as a janitor and solved a complex (almost impossible-to-solve) math problem on the board. From this point, he met with Sean Maguire, a psychologist, who gave him the necessary guidance and encouraged him to ask crucial questions about his path in life.

7. Fantastic Mr. Fox

The sly voice of the fox in this movie is that of George Clooney, so that it may sound familiar. The all-star cast includes names such as Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and Meryl Streep. It is an adaptation of a novel by Ronald Dahl, with the same title. The story is centered around a fox that goes back to stealing after ‘behaving’ for 12 years. It adds animal perspective to your list of autumn movies.

8. Halloween

In this 1976 movie, Jamie Lee Curtis was a babysitter that outfights and outsmarts a serial killer against all odds. However, Nick Castle (cast as Michael Myers) wasn’t done. He continued to torment people in the several sequels of the franchise. In the 2018 Halloween movie, Castle and Curtis reprised their roles. Laurie, Curtis’s character, has PTSD many decades after. This movie indicates the cost to pay for being the “final girl.”

9. You’ve Got Mail

Joe Foxed (played by Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan) did not need to meet physically before falling for themselves. Instead, they start to build an attraction for themselves while exchanging emails. There is a problem, though; Kathleen, who owns a struggling independent bookstore, has no idea that Joe will be inheriting a rival big bookstore that has just moved in. This show is one of New York’s ultimate movies.

10. Little Women

Little Women, a novel by Louisa May Alcott, about four sisters who see each other through different life changes, has had countless adaptations. The adaptation by Greta Gerwig captures the fall feeling in New England: the majestic view of the landscape and the coziness engulfing the fireplace. If you want to see the ultimate fall scene in this movie, wait for the hillside confrontation between Laurie (Timothee Chalet) and Jo (Saoirse Ronan).


While there are hundreds of other fall movies that we could recommend to get you into the autumn mood, the ones mentioned in this article are at the top of the list.

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