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7 Most Intriguing Story Themes in Movies

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Everyone loves watching movies, especially because there are so many genres to choose from. Most people choose the movie they want to watch depending on their mood, while others have some favorite genres they always watch. Even though there are many movies to choose from, with over 7,000 new movies being launched every year, there are some common and intriguing themes that catch the attention of the viewers. Every movie has a central theme.

Usually, all the action that happens in a movie revolves around that central theme. However, you can find more than one theme in a movie, so the movie can touch a deeper subject. Many story themes are present in movies, so we will present seven of the most intriguing ones. They can be used as a source of inspiration for movie or script makers, or just by movie enthusiasts who want to dig deeper into specific themes.

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1. Love

What would humanity do without love? Love is a central theme in most movies, even though it may not be the central one. But in every action, character, movie, you will find a touch of love. But why is love such an intriguing story theme? This is because everyone wants to be loved and protected but to also love someone. There are romantic movies that depict a perfect relationship you can get, and love is the main theme in this kind of movie.

However, a movie doesn’t have to be romantic to have the story theme of love, so you will find this deep feeling in many other genres and subgenres. But usually, love is a central theme in romantic movies, which can be sorted into many categories, such as historical romance, romantic comedies, romance tragedies, and many more. Many movies have been created by following the story of a famous book, such as Romeo and Juliet, Love Story, Gone with the Wind, and many more.

2. Good vs. Evil

Another intriguing story theme of many movies is the constant battle between good and evil. Many movies show this fight between good and bad characters, which simply adds more action and makes viewers more interested in watching the movie. Who will win?

Even though movie enthusiasts already know that the good will always win, some producers and scriptwriters want to make the movies with this theme more interesting. Maybe not always the good will win. Maybe the battle between good vs. evil, light vs dark, will be challenging and long. This is one of the oldest themes in the industry of movies, and one that caught the attention of people for so long. An intriguing theme that never gets old.

3. Philosophy and God

Religion is one of the things that define both the ancient and modern world. There are many religions on this Earth and this depends on the local history and culture of every place. Because God is an entity we have never seen, there are people shared between two categories, those who believe in God and those who don’t.

Under this central theme, many other subgenres can be developed, such as faith vs. doubt or reason vs. faith. Many movies explore ideas related to the universe and its nature, God, and other philosophical concepts, an intriguing story theme in many movies.

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4. Survival

What is more exciting than survival? Few things. Many people love watching movies, but there need to be story themes that catch their attention and maintain their interest. Well, survival is one of these main themes approached in many movies, especially because there are so many ideas on how to develop the context and the environment.

There can be a survival theme where humans need to survive the incredibly aggressive weather. At the same time, maybe one of the most popular survival subthemes is human vs. human, one that presents impressive conflicts that catch your attention instantly.

At the same time, here you can also see movies that could be inspirational and motivational, as the survival theme can be this way too. Many movies show humans beating the odds or facing a mortal disease or moment.

5. Values

Another intriguing story theme in movies is the one that approaches values and virtues from different perspectives. There is always the story where you have the wrong values and through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, you discover which your real values are. At the same time, many movies depict values and virtues everyone appreciates, such as courage, faith, or loyalty.

6. Perseverance

Even though perseverance could be listed under the values theme, it stands alone as the main theme in many movies. There is the category of movies that inspire and motivate those who watch them overcome many obstacles and go forward. And it is an intriguing story theme of many movies because anyone can identify with the main characters. Everyone has dreams and goals but stumbles upon obstacles and challenges on the road. Perseverance is the thing that could take you further, so it is one of the main themes we see in popular movies such as The Pursuit of Happiness or The Karate Kid.

7. Justice

We live in a world where corruption and unfair things happen to many people. Justice is thus one of the most intriguing story themes in movies, some that have been inspired by real stories. Justice is something everyone is after, especially after they went through an unfair moment or event where they lost all they had. At the same time, it is one of the most popular movie themes because it has the audience on the side of the hero.

Ending Note

Watching movies is one of the hobbies of many people. And when you have so many movies to choose from, you might develop a taste for some themes. These are the central themes you might see in movies, themes that serve as inspiration for developing the script and action of the movie.

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