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5 Step Guide on How to Write a Movie Review

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Writing is a daunting task. It requires a special set of skills. Writing a movie review is somewhat different. You need to watch a movie first and then gather your thoughts and views about the movie. It requires great observation. Here are some tips for writing a good movie review:

Watch The Movie Twice and Make Notes

In order to write a compelling, top-notch movie review, there are a few tips you must follow. The first and foremost thing you must do is watch a movie with an open mind. Take a notepad and prepare notes. Jot down everything that is important.

Watching a movie casually with friends and family is something different. But when you plan to write a movie review, your point of view changes. College students are often given assignments to write a movie review. Due to never-ending assignments and research work, students are overwhelmed and fail to deliver complex assignments within the given timeframe. You can hire writing services that deliver pre written essays to save your time and effort.

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However, if you have to critique a movie on your own, you must watch the movie twice. In case you miss out on something the first time, you can always quickly grasp it the second time. This is why it is recommended to watch a movie twice. Note down important things and minute details about the movie. Character details, plot, and the way dialogues are delivered. The direction of the movie, production, everything should be noted. Here are some tips you should take care of:

  • Keep the focus. Watch the movie when there is no one around so that you can note down important details.
  • Form an opinion about the movie and find evidence from it.
  • Not only note the way the story is evolving in the movie, but also take into account dialogue delivery, direction, characterization, picturization, and special effects.
  • Be thoroughly honest about the movie. Note down both the negative and positive aspects
  • Do not be rigid about your movie review, as not everyone will have the same viewpoint. For a balanced review, you must analyze every bit of detail and tell both sides of the story

Conduct Thorough Research

Research well regarding the movie. There are plenty of movie essay examples by expert writing companies. Writing about a movie is no easy task. You require background information and knowledge about the characters in the movie. If you start writing about the movie without doing prior research, you will end up talking only about characters on the screen. Readers expect a lot from you as a movie review writer. Do your research work beforehand, and then sit down to write. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the director worked on any film before that was a major hit in the industry?
  • Do you have enough information about the actors?
  • Has there been a recent film similar to the one you are reviewing?

There are plenty of such questions that you should ask yourself before you sit down to write a movie essay.

Analyze The Movie

It is important to deeply analyze the movie. There are a few factors you should consider when analyzing a movie.

  • Is it breaking any stereotype?
  • How engaging is the movie?
  • What kind of special effects are used?
  • Is the story unique?

Apart from generally discussing the above factors, there are technicalities that you should analyze as well. For instance, discuss the plot of the movie and the way the story unfolds. Discuss the theme and tone of the movie and the strong impression the movie makes on you. Mention the different characters and their distinct personalities. Analyze the direction of the movie and if it can be compared with other movies through the director. Discuss the music in the movie and whether it was subtle, loud, or too bold. It is also important to discuss the dialogues and conversations in a movie review. Are the dialogues matching the context, and do they positively impact the viewer?

Make an Outline

If you are wondering how to write a movie review, the first thing you should do is create a rough outline. Jot down all important points that must be included in the outline. Here is how your outline should look like:

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  • Mention the release date of the movie, background information, the cast, and the name of the director;
  • Write down briefly what the story is all about;
  • Analyze everything in the movie, from how the story is evolving to the characters involved;
  • Mention the characters, camera work, special effects, costumes, and the genre of the movie;
  • Give your views about the movie;
  • Analyze both the positive and negative elements for a balanced review;
  • Draw comparisons with any other movie you have seen in the past;
  • Validate your opinion with supporting facts from the story and movie;
  • In the end, mention if it was a good or bad movie in general. Do not make sweeping statements.

In a film review outline, you must consider stating all the above elements before you sit down to write the actual review.

Don’t Forget about Proofread and Edit

When you plan to write movie reviews, always remember to proofread the essay in the end. Writing a review requires focus and concentration. You can make mistakes, which can affect your essay when you submit it to the professor or send it for publishing.

Edit the essay and proofread for mistakes before submitting it. A quick tip for proofreading an essay is to skim through it quickly, and you will spot any errors or typos. Another way is to let your friend read it out loud to you. Both you and your friend can identify mistakes. This helps create the perfect movie essay you are looking for.

When there is extra pressure to submit the essay on time, and you are unable to find out the mistakes by yourself, take help from your friends. You can also read your essay in front of the mirror. When you hear yourself, you will be able to identify issues and mistakes. If you submit your essay as is without proofreading it, you will be submitting an essay that is full of mistakes.

These tips for writing a compelling movie review will help you write exceptional content. A good movie review has all the relevant details. It must be well-balanced, containing both sides of the story. The positive and negative aspects of the movie should be discussed. Give as much information as you can to the reader.

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