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5 films for a family evening

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If family plans for the weekend are thwarted due to bad weather, do not despair. We have prepared for you ten great films that will allow you to bring your family together on the TV screens and will not make anyone bored. Make yourself comfortable, and a good and positive movie from our selection will make the evening warm and cozy.

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A charming, sweet comedy that brings to life the hero of the classic British fairy tale writer Michael Bond – a bear cub named Paddington makes the audience touched. He traveled from Peru to London to find a new home and family there. All the attributes for a cozy family viewing in this English story are matched in perfect proportion – sparkling gags, a plush atmosphere, an exemplary villainess performed by Nicole Kidman, and, of course, a bear in his trademark wide-brimmed hat whose charm is impossible to resist.

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We Bought a Zoo

A sweet comedy-drama about family mutual assistance and empathy, which tells the story of a widower with two children who became the owner of a semi-abandoned zoo. Despite all the obvious advantages of this acquisition, a lot of problems await the menagerie of members of the dreamy family outside the fence – a depressed grizzly, unfriendly porcupines, and an area in need of urgent funding. All this turmoil associated with the restoration of the zoo and the care of its inhabitants creates a whole range of feelings – both cheerful and sad.


A family film from the living Hollywood classic Martin Scorsese will give you the opportunity to make an exciting family journey through time on any evening and be transported to elegant Paris in the first half of the 20th century. The story of the golden age of cinematography, filmed with childish spontaneity and deep respect for the discoveries of the pioneers of cinema, with the light hand of the master, turns into a magical attraction, where long-forgotten tricks take on new life, old toys are cleaned of museum dust, and incomprehensible mechanical gadgets are set in motion. Hugo, which can be found on pirate bay. org will certainly give children the illusion of magic and inspire them to new discoveries.

Life of Pi

An incredibly beautiful film that immerses viewers headlong into the story of a little boy who finds himself in the same boat with a tiger in the middle of the endless ocean. The magic of Robinsonade works flawlessly on representatives of all ages and coupled with brilliant computer graphics that create the effect of presence, the spectacle becomes truly hypnotic – two hours under the onslaught of ocean waves and even in the company of a hostile Bengal cat will be an excellent alternative to visiting an amusement park. In addition, the story is presented in the form of a moralizing parable filled with deep meaning so that the didactic effect is guaranteed.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Perhaps one of the most sentimental plots in the history of cinema, embodied in a hymn of love, loyalty, and devotion, is the story of a dog named Hachiko, who has been waiting for her suddenly deceased owner at the railway station for ten years. There is really nothing superfluous in this sad but true (the film is based on a real story that happened in Japan at the beginning of the last century) fairy tale by the Swede Lasse Hallstrom – heartfelt music, magnificent Gere, an incredible story of friendship between man and animal, and, of course, a touching denouement, which will make all family members cry without exception.

For those who like to plan, we offer this life hack: make a list where you will put the films you want to watch. For example, if you saw someone else’s positive review that interested you, stumbled upon an intriguing description of a movie, or received a recommendation from a friend – list everything. And then, when the question arises of what to watch, just open it and select any movie.

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