Safe Haven – movie review


Grade: C-

The movie starts with Katy running for her life from what? We don’t know. She takes a bus and ends up in a bucolic seaside town. There she manages to get employment and a place to live within 24 hours. Really!

She immediately finds a guy who wants to love and take care of her. Really!

But she has dark secrets that could place him and his kids in harms way but this doesn’t keep her from moving in. Really!

And her dark secret does find her and yes, everyone is put in harms way – which surprises no one. The movie was about 45 minutes too long and only the last 5 minutes gives the audience an eyebrow raising moment that is only slightly more inconceivable than finding a job in a ocean front town.

Since today is Valentines Day I’ll be generous and give it a C-.

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