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Movie Review - Instant FamilyI apologize folks; this review is a little late. Yesterday we welcomed the newest member into the RunPee family. We are now the proud new parents of a Siberian Husky. She is an amazing addition to this quirky family. She now has a forever home and we will fill her life with love and safety. If you’re wondering why I’m including this personal bit of info in my review for Instant Family, it’s because this movie is all about accepting new members into your family or clan.

I loved the message this movie has. It paints a perfect picture of how the system works, and what all of the amazing children without homes in our country go through. There are thousands of children without families. They are a product of unfortunate and heartbreaking events that were totally out of their control. Yet, these events change their lives drastically.

Instant Family gives me hope that perhaps wonderful people — such as yourselves — will reach out to the foster care system and save these homeless children. They need love, just as much as food and shelter, to grow and thrive.

The acting was superb; Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne were awesome together. I swear that man can act in any type of film. He constantly shows us his versatility.

This is a feel-good movie, with a great message. Scoop up the family and take it in. Perhaps spread the word and help save these children. Let’s make a difference; together families can accomplish anything.

Grade: A

About The Peetimes: I have 2 Peetimes and would recommend the 2nd, because it gives you the most time and is followed by a music montage.

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Instant Family. (What we mean by Anything Extra.)

Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis) owes RunPee Sis a huge debt of gratitude. She sees any movie needed with no complaints and has done so for ten years (even basing Thanksgiving and Christmas family festivities around the seeing films). In 2015 Sis ran the entire RunPee enterprise herself, while RunPee Dan, Jilly and Mom went traipsing off to Europe. Sis is the spider in the web holding the RunPee family together — besides being a funny, well rounded person, and a joyous pleasure to be around. Her favorite films start and end with horror (which thank goodness she’s happy to see, since most of us don’t have the stomach for it) — but also likes silly comedies, sad dramas, and musicals of all types. If you’ve used a Peetime for a scary film, you probably have RunPee Sis to thank for it.

Favorite movie genre: Horror, horror, and more horror. The more disturbing, the better. Period.


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