Movie review: Deadpool

Not only is Deadpool a hilarious movie, it also works as an amazingly accurate barometer for gauging relationships. For instance, it can be scientifically proven that the number of times a married man laughs during this movie is inversely proportional to how much their mother-in-law likes them.

Conversely, married women will find that the number of times they laugh during this movie is directly proportional to how much their husbands love them.

And of course, if you have impressionable children, you can base your parenting skills on whether or not you took them with you to see this movie. In a word: DON’T. However, if you do, then please make a video of the questions they ask you when it’s over, and post that to YouTube. That could be as funny as the movie itself.

Now, this is a very subjective comment, but I didn’t find the movie gratuitously violent or gross. Of course there are the obligatory slow motion head shootings, a slight dismemberment, and a few beheadings, but they are all tastefully done. All in all, I’d say it’s no more graphic than your average violent movie from the 80’s. I’m not saying the violence doesn’t deserve an R-rating — it does — but violent or not, the language alone would warrant an R-rating…and then some.

I thought the acting was…Well, who cares? This is *Deadpool*. It’s funny. That’s all you need to know.

For those *Firefly* fans out there, it was awesome to see Morena Baccarin get another really nice role. She was wonderful, but I couldn’t help but think somewhere Malcolm Reynolds is watching this saying, “Inara, please. If you’re going to talk like that, I’m going to ask Niska to cut both ears off next time.”

Grade: A

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