Movie review: Bad Samaritan

What an awesome movie! I hadn’t even heard of it when I was told this was my movie for the week, so I wasn’t really expecting much. This movie grabs you and just plain leaves you breathless. What a roller coaster of a ride. I would absolutely recommend this movie. The moral dilemma that takes place in the beginning is the first obstacle, then they don’t stop coming until the end.

When reviewing a movie I don’t normally talk about the writing, but I’m going to this time. It was spot on. There were so many moments that struck me as cool, and I realized the writer nailed it. Obviously, the directing and acting were great also, but I could trace the greatness all the way back to the beginning, to the writing stage. I’d like to meet the screenplay guy. His mind must work on a different plane than most because this was original, thought provoking, and fun right up to the final scene.

Great movie!

Grade: A+

Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis)

RunPee ownes RunPee Sis a huge debt of gratitude. She seems any movie needed with no complaints, has done so for ten years (even basing Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays around the seeing films), and ran the entire RunPee enterprise when Dan, Jilly and Mom went traipsing off to Europe for months — all by herself. She’s the spider in the web holding the RunPee family together, besides being a funny, well rounded and joyous pleasure to be around. Her  favorite genres start and end with Horror (which thank goodness she’s happy to see, since most of us don’t have the stomach for it), but also includes silly comedies, sad dramas, and musicals of all types.

Favorite movie genre: Horror, horror and more horror. The more disturbing, the better.

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