GI Joe and the GI Tract – Another Fun RunPee Movie Poster

GIs need to take good care of their GI tracts. Our man Joe knows when to RunPee:

GI Joe and the GI Tract runpee poster

Go get your for PeeTimes for GI Joe – The Rise of Cobra!

Jill Florio

Co-Creator of RunPee, Chief of Operations, Content Director, and Managing Editor. RunPee Jilly likes galaxy-spanning sci fi, superhero sagas, fantasy films, YA dystopians, action thrillers, chick flicks, and zany comedies, in that order…and possesses an inspiringly small bladder. In fact, that little bladder inspired the creation of RunPee. (Good thing she’s learned to hold it.) Jilly thinks smart is sexy, and seeks fellow geeks to join her in bettering humanity and the planet, one small step at a time.

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