Classic Movie Review – Gremlins

Gremlins. One of the best non-Christmas Christmas movies ever made. It’s got a bizarre but cemented niche among the classics that somehow stands up after all this time, although Steven Spielberg seemed to be experimenting with genres in those days. Gremlins (1984) isn’t a great movie, but slips into the A range by nature of […]

Classic Movie Review – The Goonies

The Goonies ‘r’ good enough for me! Here’s another Amblin Entertainment kid-based movie by Steven Spielberg that still holds up over time.┬áThe Goonies (from 1985) is a charming, fun ride featuring pirates, monsters, secret passageways, treasure maps, cunning kids, and more bike chases than E.T. (What is it with Spielberg, kids, and bicycles?) Altogether, it’s […]


There’s an E.T. sequel and it’s awesome

I just finished watching E.T. for basically the first time. I only saw it one time in 1982, and 38 years later didn’t remember anything beyond the “Phone Home” shtick. I wrote this grand review about the symbolism in E.T. with a lot of thoughts tending towards the introspective. I had to rewatch E.T. to […]

drew barrymore and ET the extra terrestrial

Classic Movie Review – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

What an enchanting film! E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is deservedly among the greats. Steven Spielberg proved he was mighty with the movie-making. Who else can take a goofy premise (suburban boy befriends gentle alien) and make it so compelling? So buoyant and wondrous. It seems like it would be a kiddie flick, but to be […]


Indiana Jones 5 Film Delayed (again) Until July 2022

Harrison Ford is going to have a hard time being believable in adventure films if Indiana Jones 5 is put off much longer, but it’s exactly what he — and us — are facing. Now we won’t get to see our favorite globe-trotting, death-defying archaeologist in action again until July 2022. With Disney’s Marvel Phase […]