Movie Review – Nope

Jordan Peele went above and beyond (no pun intended) with his masterful storytelling event hilariously titled NOPE. After leaving the theater, my single thought was that I cannot wait to see what he does next. You can clearly see the influence of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs (2002) as well as undertones from movies like Jurassic […]

Did Jordan Peele Play Fair? Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed On Your First Viewing of Us

Jordan Peele made a splash with the satiric horror film Get Out and even won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.  His new movie Us proves he’s not just a one-hit wonder, but a visionary filmmaker who will keep surprising, delighting, and frightening us for years to come.  (He’s already in talks to do a […]

Clever Moments You Might Have Missed Watching The Horror-Thriller Movie Us

We all know watching a horror movie comes with the expectation you’ll be screaming, and anticipating moments that you’ll be startled.  This oftentimes leads to you missing an important yet subtle symbol or scene. I loved Director Jordan Peele’s debut horror film Us, and found a lot of interesting and super-clever tidbits that make everything […]

Movie Review – Us – Tons of Symbolism, Creepy, and a Great Time at the Movies

I’m by no means a lover of horror movies anymore, but when Jordan Peele writes one, you can’t help but wonder what it will be like. His freshman movie, Get Out, was creepy enough to motivate me to see more from him. Us didn’t let me down. It’s a little hard to write specifics about […]