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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #135 (October 12th, 2022)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

Happy Bond Day!

Last week saw the sixtieth anniversary of the release of the first James Bond film…Dr. No. Yes, there had been incarnations of Bond between the release of the first novel and the first film but 1962 is the start of the cinematic journey. And it is still going today. Look at your entertainment news feeds and amongst the headlines is speculation regarding who the next Bond will be. To help navigate the world of Bond we’ve produced a hub to bring together all our articles and reviews from the world of 007. Enjoy!

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New Movies This Week

halloween-ends_square Halloween Ends
starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Will Patton, Kyle Richards
runtime: 1 hour 51 minutes
genres: Horror | Thriller
rating: [R] Gore | Bloody Horror Violence | Language Throughout | Some Sexual References
directed by: David Gordon Green
Peetimes: I’ll have Peetimes added by 8:30 PM Eastern, Thursday night.

RunPee News

Movie Review – Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

You can tell half term can’t be far off! It’s a crocodile living with a family in New York rather than a David Attenborough film. Treat the kids.

Grade: B

Movie Review – Amsterdam

A comedy drama set in the 1930s. Big name cast, should be good…shouldn’t it?

Grade: C

Indie Short Review – Yard Kings

I do enjoy a short! And I don’t just mean a vodka out of the freezer. I like the concise, economic storytelling. I just wish you could get to see them more often. I’m glad I was offered this one.

Grade: A

Deadpool 3 – What You Need To Know

Ryan Reynolds set the Twitterverse alight with a sneak peek into the thought processes behind the next Deadpool adventure! Want to know more? Click on the link then!

Shorts Review – Star Wars Shorts

Typical! You wait ages for a short feature to come along and then five arrive all at once!


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