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What is it about Pixar? I mean, we all love cartoons. We’ve all loved them from the days before we knew they were actually cartoons and not just a different part of reality. Kids loving cartoons is a given. Then, when we get older, there are cartoons specially made for grown ups. And that’s when we get to the nub of it; Pixar make cartoons which keep the kiddies quiet but manage to get a few lines in to make the grown ups giggle as well.

And that is just as well because the effect that Pixar has on children is on a par with putting heroin in the Calpol. Yes readers, I have sat through all of the stories of toys, cars, fish, and monsters three or four times depending on what was the flavour of the day. Fortunately they are so well written and made to such a high standard that it isn’t too arduous a task. It’s also helped them to bring in the thick end of fifteen billion dollars.

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With Lightyear due out imminently and Elemental due next year, that figure is going to keep on rising.


1995 – Toy Story

1998 – A Bug’s Life

1999 – Toy Story 2

2001 – Monsters, Inc.

2003 – Finding Nemo

2004 – The Incredibles

2006 – Cars

2007 – Ratatouille

2008 – WALL-E

2009 – Up

2010 – Toy Story 3

2011 – Cars 2

2012 – Brave

2013 – Monsters University

2015 – Inside Out

2015 – The Good Dinosaur

2016 – Finding Dory

2017 – Cars 3

2017 – Coco

2018 – Incredibles 2

2019 – Toy Story 4

2020 – Onward

2020 – Soul

2021 – Luca

2022 – Turning Red

2022 – Lightyear


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  • Michael

    A funny thing happened to me WAY back in the beginning of the 90’s. I worked 2 jobs and one was as a vending machine re-filler and repair. One one location I had to go to well they just wanted me to put full boxes of candy when they were out on a counter opened so anyone could get what they wanted and also for me to refill the soda machines, and make sure they were giving out the sodas for free. So basically they gave their employees any snack or drink they wanted for free. I thought what kind of place is this. So I talked to a guy who worked there and he showed me around, he said there were making animated “cartoon” movies with computers. And he showed me a Cowboy walking and some other toys moving in the dark rooms, (And there were a few of them) as I was leaving and everytime I would go and leave there I would laugh to myself,…animation on computers, yeah they will not be around to much longer. The place as you guessed it by now was Pixar.

  • revrobuk Administrator

    Wow, Michael!
    That is simply awesome.

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