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Movie Review – Wonder Woman 1984

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wonder woman 84

I guess it’s fitting that Warner Brothers managed to release #WW84 before the year 2020 was out, because boy did it suck. It was so bad I felt sorry for the actors because their dialog was so poorly written. I’m pretty sure Chris Pine is hoping his character (Steve Trevor) is dead for good this time, so he doesn’t have to endure anything like this again.

Where did they go wrong?

For starters, the writing was horrible. Maybe “horrible” is too kind. It’s the sort of dialog I would expect from a movie that gets a 2:00 AM premier on the SyFy Channel.

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The acting was pathetic, but I can’t blame the actors because, as I mentioned, the dialog was just so poor. There’s no actor in the world that was going to make this movie work.

The plot and story telling felt like they were making a live action version of a kid’s cartoon. The plot is spoon-fed to the audience.

What’s inexcusable is that the action scenes are so laughably bad. The creators interjected crappy dialog into many of the action scenes, making them drag on way too long when it’s obvious how they’re going to end.

Spoilers ahead.
(Scroll down to keep reading.)

best cameo ever WW1984 2020

My single biggest point of complaint comes in the movie’s most dramatic scene: when Diana renounces her wish.

I couldn’t believe they resolved it in such a chaotic setting. Everyone knows it’s going to happen, but there was no time to share the emotional suffering of the characters.

While we’re at it, the plot of this movie is heavily influenced by the morals of wishing, and what happens when you get your wish — and the consequences of that. But Diana and Steve never for a second bring up the fact that they essentially murdered a man to bring Steve back. Of course it wasn’t intended, but they essentially ended the guy’s life that Steve inhabited. That guy’s body persisted, but the person was replaced. And that was never questioned. Diana renounced her wish so that she could get back her powers, and not because she had ended an innocent man’s life.

That’s really lame writing. I can’t believe that never occurred to the writers, so they must have chosen to ignore it and hoped the audience didn’t notice something so obvious. When in fact that should have been the driving reason to renounce her wish.

Grade: D-

About The Peetimes: This is a long movie and I was able to find 4 good Peetimes. I recommend the 2nd and 4th Peetimes. However, the 4th Peetime ends with a dramatic scene. If you don’t mind missing a long action scene, then the 3rd Peetime is your best choice. Happy Holidays and stay safe!

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Wonder Woman 1984. (What we mean by Anything Extra.)

Rated (PG-13) Violence|Sequences of Action
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Is there anything extra during the end credits of Wonder Woman 1984?

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6 responses to “Movie Review – Wonder Woman 1984”

  1. I am so bummed that 2020’s ONLY blockbuster sucked. Maybe it’s part for the course this year. #Kidding

    I mean, a D- is a hair away from being an F! It was THAT bad? What kept it from an F +?

  2. Kristen Wiig was really good in her role. Not especially in the fight scenes because those were just poorly choreographed, but her acting was really good.

    Even the funny scenes in this movie were heavy handed. The only slightly funny scenes were of Steve (Chris Pine) getting used to life in the 80s, like escalators and such. That was okay, but it’s just been done so many times in different movies. Other than that I don’t think they even tried to show humor.

    Oh, and did I mention that the action scenes were boring?

  3. Michael Fields Avatar
    Michael Fields

    I have to disagree here some, While Wonder Woman was NOT a great movie, it was good entertainment, (You did not like the lesson young Diana received in the flashback, I thought that and the action of that was GREAT) And the guy did not DIE, have you ever seen Quantum Leap? Did the people there that he inhabited die, NO. That is what happened here, Steve took over his body and WOULD have been him if the wish stayed, because if you look at the end of the movie, with the snow the SAME GUY talks to Diana, so if he “almost died” as you said how is he walking around VERY happy. Could the movie be better YES of course, and that goes for pretty much every Marvel movie also which they too have HUGE holes in them (Like in End Game) how can you go back in time, change it and not change the future, and so many more, but they tell you in the movie, don’t worry about it, just watch the movie. In Wonder Woman the action in the desert was also VERY good. I would give this movie a C at least and the first one a A, And there was a good lesson to learn from it, sometimes if you are solely focused on making the most money, or owning everything, you forget the small things in life that mean the most and make you human. And this is even a lesson of good vs Evil as if someone gives you something there is ALWAYS a catch, so if the devil wants to grant you, your wildest dreams, don’t be surprised if you have a groundhog 2020 life

  4. Hey Michael. Maybe I wasn’t clear about “the guy” that Steve sort of “took over.” I know he didn’t die, but he would have, in effect, died had Diana not renounced her wish. And that was never once addressed as a reason to renounce.

    I think a better way they could have handled that aspect of the plot would be to acknowledge the fact that once the current crisis is resolved that Diana will have to renounce her wish and return “the guy” back to his body. Instead they played it as though Diana was planning all along to keep her wish because, as she argued: it’s the one and only thing I’ve asked for and I deserve it.

    That argument just doesn’t play with the noble character of Diana. If they had acknowledged that Steve was on borrowed time it could have been even more dramatic.

    And I’ll say it again, that farewell scene was just astonishingly bad. As a writer I can’t think of a worse way they could have handled it when there are so many other options to choose from. The brevity of the scene and lack of drama just sucked the life out of what should have been the dramatic climax of the movie.

    I don’t have any particular problem with the moral of the story. It’s been done to death, but so has every other moralistic trope.

  5. I watched the movie with my three cousins. Our Christmas tradition for the past three years to go see a movie together. Last year was Jumanji and it was much better than this. They all enjoyed it better than I, and they felt the final ‘credit scene’ made the movie. I probably ranked it higher than you, maybe just because i was happy to see family again. But agree that the movie lacked a solid thrilling plot and i really didnmt get excited about the characters. Found myself asking my cousins questions about plot scenes after the movie. Too bad, because having women lead roles in a movie is important to the next generation of young girls. Kudos to Gal Gadot,… maybe there will be better roles and writing in the future.

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed your time out with your cousins. Traditions are important. More now than ever.

    I agree about the need for strong lead roles for women. If WW can’t bring it then who can? On top of everything else the movie is written and directed by Patty Jenkins. So there’s no excuse for the movie’s inconsistent messaging.

    In that respect I think the entire character arc for Barbara (Kristen Wiig) should have been rethought. The messaging would have been better if in the end it had been Barbara as the reluctant hero who overcomes her desires and does the right thing.

    I feel that superheros of any sort make for poor role models because their situation is unattainable. No one is actually going to become a superhero. So it’s a real fantasy to imagine ourselves in their shoes.

    Barbara is an exceptional women when the movie begins who can be a relatable role model. But as soon as she’s elevated she becomes evil and resists every call to do the right thing.

    And as I’ve said in previous comments, WW resists doing the right thing for most of the movie. And in the end she only does the right thing because her powers are diminishing and she needs to “save the world, again.” It’s just unfathomable to me that they glossed over the potential murder of an innocent man that Steve inhabited. Diana should have known that she had to renounce her wish as soon as they discovered that Steve had taken over someone else’s body. But it’s not even mentioned. Did the creators think the audience would be too stupid to notice something that obvious?

    They broke the first rule of writing: don’t treat the audience like idiots.

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