Movie Review – Unplanned – Warning: Horrific Visuals You Can’t Unsee

Movie Review - UnplannedWhat I just watched so severely traumatized me that I, in good conscience, can’t go to sleep without putting up a warning tonight. There are scenes in Unplanned that are so intense and graphic I had to look away. I could not watch what was happening on the screen. I was left nauseated, and in tears.

Abortion is a highly controversial subject — it is a heartbreaking decision no matter what abortion side you’re on. In my opinion, what this movie just did was unforgivable. They put images in my head I can never forget, and will carry with me till the day I die.

This movie will leave it’s imprint with you. Forever.

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I honestly don’t know how to grade this film. I’m at a total loss here. I can’t give it an A, because I think my fingers would burst into flames. I can’t give it an F because the abortion story they had to tell…well…they not only told it, but they screamed it out loud, and I heard it. I’ll go with the law of averages, I suppose. It gets a C.

Grade: C

About The Peetimes: Either Peetime will give you a safe 4 minutes: both were easily summed up.

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Unplanned. (What we mean by Anything Extra.)

Rated (R) for some disturbing/bloody images
Genres: Drama

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review – Unplanned – Warning: Horrific Visuals You Can’t Unsee”

  1. John and Katie Kirk

    Disengenious and cowardly review of “Unplanned.” Reviewer cops out and gives it a grade of “C” because of the horrible things Planned Patenthood does to the unborn. I guess she has never seen any of the Predator movies where humans have their heads along with their spinal columns ripped out of their bodies, or the “Hostel” movies, or “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remakes. All these movies were rated “R” so what was the reviewer expecting? I guess she’d give “Game of Thrones” a “C” as well if she was doing a review. I noticed that “Captain Marvel’s” initial grading was changed. Perhaps a sober, serious, adult can review “Unplanned” and re-rate it (higher). My wife and I give it an “A-“

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  3. The reality is that this horrific event happens thousands of times each day. If you think it was horrific for you, think about the poor child being torn in pieces. How horrific for that child!

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