Movie Review – Uncle Drew

Uncle Drew was surprisingly charming. I was ready for a slapstick basketball movie but was surprised with a movie that has substance. There are a lot of touching moments that make you smile with warmth, and also moments that made the crowd slap their sides  — they were laughing that hard. It’s got a little bit of everything.

The theater was pretty full, especially considering it was a Thursday. I always pay attention to the audience, to see if the movie hits a certain demographic. This theater was packed with children, senior citizens, singles, and married people. And they all laughed. It’s got something for everyone.
This would make a great date night movie. It’s neutral enough for all walks of life.
Grade: B+
Peetimes Info:
We have two Peetimes in the RunPee app for you. I decided to not put in any after the hour mark because the movie really picks up steam from there on out.

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