Movie Review – A Quiet Place (Spoiler-free)

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It is truly amazing this movie is able to pack so much into so little. It’s a short movie, only 1:23 not counting the credits, and yet it feels like two hours. And there’s barely enough dialog to fill a sheet of paper: it feels like we know every character’s life stories.

Right out of the gate, in his big screen directorial debut, John Krasinski has shown us he knows his craft. Every scene felt like it was hand crafted, over and over, until it was perfected. There isn’t a wasted second in a single scene. (Which makes finding Peetimes particularly challenging.)

If you’re not typically a fan of horror films then let me put your mind at ease. This isn’t a slasher film. There’s very little blood and no gore. I think Krasinski said himself that he’s not a fan of gory films. There is however an abundance of suspense — similar to Alien.

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Everyone’s performance is outstanding, but I have to say Emily Blunt stands out. Facial expressions and gestures have to be emphasized to make up for the lack of dialog in the movie. No one does it better than Blunt. She was just… Wow.

The only reason I’m not giving this movie an A+ is that it feels, in tone and subject, almost exactly like the movie Signs, by M Night Shyamalan. But in my opinion, Signs is just ever so slightly better.

Grade: A

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  • Nita

    Because of the nature of the movie, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. No one in the theater made a sound. The movie itself was OK. It’s a miracle how quiet the theater was. Could’ve seen it on Netflix. Cross between Jurassic Park and Alien.

  • Brad

    How can you say Signs was better? The aliens weakness in that movie was water…and they invaded a planet that was 80% water when their weakness was water? Makes sense. The weakness in this movie makes way more sense A Quiet Place was infinitely more suspseneful. And the fact that sound was the driving force in this movie gave it a completely different feel. But I can see the comparison you’re making. This was a great movie though. And this is not a movie you can watch on Netflix, this is a movie that has to be seen in a theater with other people.

    • polyGeek Administrator

      Thanks for the reply. I think the reasons for the alien invasions are irrelevant to both movies. It’s the tension and character drama that is the focus. I just felt that Signs did it, every so slightly, better.

      And you’re right, this movie is best suited for viewing in a crowded theater.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Okay you guys. This is totally unfair – I HATE horror. But I do like suspense and thrillers. I loved *Signs*. And this just sounds (ha – pun unintended) like a great, must-do, cinema experience. Should I just see it? Maybe not alone?

  • Debra McKnight

    I hate horror slasher movies. I wouldn’t have gone if it was. Even this one was wait until it hit the dollar theater for me. It was surprisingly good. More like my memory of Aliens. Great review, I read it when the movie first came out and it got my curious-cat interested. Worth seeing in the theater for sure.

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