Movie Review – Passengers

Grade: A+

I am exhausted from a long, late night movie, so I will be short and sweet tonite. Mainly, I want to say: SEE THIS FILM. I never give an A+ rating, and this movie deserves it.

Chris Pratt is a treasure; Jennifer Lawrence brings her A-game, and this movie is a pure delightful mix of romance, science fiction, adventure, and just…beauty. It was hard to find Peetimes, since each moment was a pleasure and a joy.

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I saw this film in a rear corner, in a mediocre room, with a small screen and tinny sounds, and it still knocked my socks off. I swear; I cannot find my socks. See this in a great theater, with 3D, with good sound…I will get out to see this properly again as soon as possible. FANTASTIC.

UPDATE: I just saw this film again, in 3D. I recommend the 3D version, even though it wasn’t filmed with that in mind, simply because this movie is so beautiful. On a 3D screen, the space scenes really made me feel like I was there, which is a sort of wish-fulfillment for my geeky soul. The glasses didn’t make anything noticeably darker. It just made everything in space prettier.

NEW NOTE: It seems that if you loved Gravity, you may not like Passengers. And vice-versa. You can tell where I fall on this spectrum. To those berating Jim’s big decision, I ask you – what would YOU have done in his situation? Sometimes I think the critics judge too harshly, without taking human nature into account. In any case, this film is a lot more like The Martian than Gravity, or any of those other uber-serious sci fi films.

3 Replies to “Movie Review – Passengers”

  1. Hi Richard. Passengers really made me think, and still gives me things I question about myself, and the nature of humanity. What does a social animal do in complete isolation? What is the ‘correct’ position for the protagonist? Even Castaways deals with this issue. Is suicide an inevitable outcome?

    And how long can we maintain sanity in the face of infinite time, so to speak? It’s like with the movie Groundhog Day…and Phil Conners couldn’t even make suicide stick, unlike the choice faced in Passengers. What does one DO with infinity? Groundhog isn’t clear if Phil has that one day for a thousand years or ten thousand, but from a close watch, it has to be A LOT.

    Along these lines, have you seen the Black Mirror ep San Junipero yet?

    When I was a kid I frequently wished I was the only person on the Earth so I could spend the rest of my life reading. Then puberty hit and I discovered I wanted people around after all. All this is the say that I was silly back then – I knew I was loved and never had to deal with the true tragedy of ultimate loneliness.

    We’re made to bond and we suffer when we don’t.


  2. Coincidentally, I found this xkcd cartoon today, which posits a decent position on how a universe comes to be, when a being is faced with an infinite amount of time (and I assume, space) alone.

    So, why not create a universe? Isn’t it kind of…inevitable? (Unlike Thanos…) 😉


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