Movie Review – Midnight Sun

This is a nice date movie for young people, with decent drama and some excellent acting. I was really impressed with the sensitivity portrayed towards this young woman’s illness — she was cool, she was hip, and she wasn’t a victim…and yet, neither was she played as “bravely courageous” in a stereotypical way. Katie seemed like a real girl, living her life in as genuine a manner as possible, under her limitations.

Was there melodrama? Yeah, of course. It’s a movie about star-crossed lovers. They finally find each other, and have to deal with it being for a short time. [pullquote]You WILL cry in this film; the writers don’t pull any punches. [/pullquote]But that’s not a spoiler — the company isn’t selling this as less than a tear-jerker.

I’m reminded of a similar movie last year, where a girl lived in a “bubble” house. That one ended in a way that undersold the entire premise, and everyone was magically A-OK in the end. Which was nice and all…but this film felt more vital.

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Does Katie die? Maybe. Does she have to live in the dark? Not exactly. Does she end up with the boy? Hmmmm….it’s possible. But that’s not what the movie is about.

There’s nothing deep here, but also nothing fluffy. It’s just good, solid storytelling.

Grade: B+

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