Movie Review – Lizzie

Let me start with this simple statement: if you feel like going to see this movie, just don’t. Save your money; make some popcorn at home, and watch literally any documentary Netflix has on Lizzie Borden. You’ll get the exact same information we’ve been given since August 4, 1892, when the murders took place.

Let’s talk about the acting now. First off, Kristen Stewart, who was playing Bridget Sullivan, did a pretty okay job overall, considering her part in the movie as a housemaid for the Borden family. She had a little bit of an Irish accent, which was interesting coming from her, and she was also very meek. I think she pulled it off alright. Not great, but alright. I personally didn’t feel like Chloe Sevigny was the right choice to play Lizzie Borden. I’m not saying she did a bad job by any means, she just didn’t feel right for the role.

All in all, I found the movie to be seriously boring. Like I said above, it’s the same information we’ve been fed for well over 100 years now. We get it. It was totally shady. It was way past crazy. The woman killed her family with an ax for crying out loud, what more can you really do with that? I’ve always been interested in this particular story, but I think the movies and everything else related to it has pretty much ran its course. Nice try though guys — it was totally a valiant effort. 🙂

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Grade: C-

About the Peetimes: This movie was extremely easy to do Peetimes for, given the fact that if you know anything about Lizzie Borden, you’ll know this movie.

I recommend the 1st Peetime over the 2nd one. There is less happening in the 1st one.

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