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Movie Review – Dicks: The Musical

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Dicks The Musical

Wow, OK, here goes nothing in writing my very first movie review for RunPee App fans.  It is indeed an honor that the review could, by pure happenstance, be this movie.  In the words of one of the creators, “They don’t make movies like this anymore.”  I wholeheartedly agree!

So, to point out that the movie is polarizing, is a gross understatement.  The film was not made to be everyone’s “cup of tea”, in any way, shape, or form.  For example, words I would use to describe the movie would be bold, audacious, daring, hilarious, and absurdist.  However, my friend, who shall remain anonymous, described it as vile, repugnant, disgusting, and morally reprehensible.  To be sure, during the final scene which really “ups the ante” in terms of controversy, I am quite certain that normally s/he would have walked out of the theatre immediately.  However, we were fortunately privy to an early screening in New York City, and it is my belief that s/he only tolerated or endured the entire movie because Nathan Lane (the father in the flick) was scheduled to speak following the screening, along with the creators (Josh Sharp & Aaron Jackson).

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But, back to the movie! The plot is a very simple one focusing upon two identical twins trying to get their divorced parents back together such that they can be one, big happy family.  Following one absurd, yet hilarious, scene after another, the film moves along at a rapid pace, and is ultimately very short in length (1 hour 24 minutes).

As background, the concept of the movie originated from a 30-minute, Off-Off-Broadway play in the 2010’s.  Josh Sharp notes that the play became a “touch point for a lot of queer comedians in New York”.  Fast forward, Nathan Lane was overwhelmingly impressed by the script and eventually the movie was made.

This is a typical musical such that much of the plot is conveyed and evolves through the songs, themselves.  While I am not a huge fan of musicals, I found the numbers to be rather well done.  In fact, it is rumored that one of the songs, “Lonely”, may even get nominated for “Best Song” in the upcoming Oscars!  I would not at all be surprised by this nomination.

The acting is simply terrific, particularly as it relates to the most recognizable stars (both Nathan Lane & Megan Mullally).  CAUTION:  Fans of Nathan Lane who are expecting him to be portraying more of a relatable human being (aka found in “The Producers”) will be sadly disappointed.  Rather, he plays an absolute absurd eccentric with a fascination for his “Sewer Boys”.

Now, who are these “Sewer Boys”, you might ask? They are completely grotesque, yet strangely loveable, “Gollum-like” creatures (in reality, puppets).  As it happens in the story, Nathan’s character finds them New York City and adopts them as his own, caging them in his apartment. Personally, I could not stop giggling during the scenes in which they appeared. (My friend, of course, found them to be “offensive” and “humorless”, of course).  The creatures are sentimentally reminiscent of popular 1980’s films such as “Gremlins” and “The Dark Crystal”.

My only true “knock” on the film is that, at times, I intuited that a particular “bit” or “line” was inserted for “shock” vs. “entertainment” value/effect.  Nevertheless, I am rather convinced that this movie can become a “cult classic”, of sorts (e.g. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show), over time.

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Grade: A-

About The Peetimes: This is a short movie, therefore it doesn’t require many Peetimes. Nevertheless, there are two very good Peetimes. Note: Steven is a Peep in training. This is one of his first movies.

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Dicks: The Musical.

Rated: (R) Strong Crude Sexual Content | Brief Drug Use | Pervasive Language | Graphic Nudity
Genres: Comedy, Musical
Starring: Josh Sharp, Aaron Jackson, Nathan Lane
Director: Larry Charles
Writer(s): Aaron Jackson, Josh Sharp
Language: English
Country: United States

A pair of business rivals discover that they’re identical twins and decide to swap places in an attempt to trick their divorced parents to get back together.

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