Is Bumblebee a prequel or a reboot?

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bumblebee is a quiet and yellow transformer bot
Everyone’s favorite Transformer Bot.

Prequel or reboot. Or, soft-reboot — whatever that is.  Just where does Bumblebee fit in the Transformers universe?

Officially, Bumblebee is a prequel, set in 1987. But when you watch the movie you better wear your best retcon glasses, because there’s a lot that just can’t fit with the story we already know. For instance: in the first 2007 Transformers, Sector 7 discovers the existence of Transformers (from the Beagle 2 Rover camera footage three years earlier). So, there’s that. And obviously, there’s no reference to Bumblebee’s 20 years of experience here on Earth.

[pullquote]The news is that Paramount and Hasbro would like to build a shared cinematic universe around Transformers, G.I. Joe, and maybe even pull in the Micronauts and Visionaries.[/pullquote]
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This is an ongoing issue that all franchises face. It’s very easy for them to collapse under their own limitations. I’m not sure why anyone is even debating the issue. It isn’t like all the Transformer movies up to now aren’t already forgettable.  Just sweep them under the rug and start over.

All of the previous Transformer movies clearly tried to be gigantic ensemble high-stakes epics. (That’s what Michael Bay does.) [pullquote position=”right”]What Marvel taught us is it’s best to lead up to that ensemble epic with a few stories that build the foundation first.[/pullquote]

Maybe they are taking the same approach with Bumblebee, to start small and build up to an epic. We’re on-board.

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  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    BumbleBee is more watchable than the other Transformers movies; it’s lighter and sweeter.

    But as long as being in the same timeline, it reminds me of Logan and the X-Men continuity. Both seem quasi in the same universe.

    Would that be called a soft reboot?

  • Ryan

    There is reference to Bee on Earth when he fought Nazis in ww2

    • Dan Gardner Administrator

      Really? I don’t remember that. But clearly that doesn’t fit into the universe of this movie. What do you think? Is there any reason to not just call it a complete reboot?

  • Blake Currier

    In the Last Knight move, it clearly shows BumbleBee and HotRod fighting in Nazi Germany with U.S troops (the scene is in black/white to boot)

  • Tronic Prime

    It’s a very much needed full reboot. Forget about every other TF movie you’ve ever seen (except for the original animated one from 1986. You pay homage to that one on a regular basis if you’re a true fan.) The other movies should be forgotten forever in time for 3 simple reasons:
    1. They make no sense
    2. They suck
    3. They’re stupid

    • Dan Gardner Administrator

      LOL, not going to disagree with you at all. They consistently got worse. How is that even possible? 🙂

  • Steve

    Lol people hating. No the movies were good. Theres a reason they made billions and this trash of bumblebee made less than half a billion. I sort of thought it could fit within and be a prequel, the end seems like bee is with optimus perhaps right after the first 2007 movie, wher i think they sent out a message and autobots started coming to earth right?
    True what you all say like bee being in ww2 and whatnot but i say let it be a prequel and dismiss the extra nonsense. I dont want a full on reboot. We have to re tell everything once again with a new spin on it. No thanks. Let it be a prequel and move on. Plenty more they can cover after the last knight. Hell lets take it to space as well, we can explore a bit of whats out there….

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