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Five Movies Every Gambler Should Watch

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What can you say about gambling movies which hasn’t been said already? They’re exciting, often a roller coaster ride, and they usually contain important messages too. Therefore, they have always been very popular with film buffs over the years and they range from films about poker all the way to bingo.

But what movies are really out there to provide the confidence, inspiration as well as the good sense for everyone who actually loves the whole world of gambling, whether it maybe Friday night blackjack with friends or exclusive games online at PartyCasino. With this mind, we have chosen five of the best which we think every gambler should make time to watch.

The Sting

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The Sting is gambling movie known for its twists and turns, with both the excitement and danger levels in the film increasing along the way. The story focused on Johnny Hooker, a con man, and Henry Gondoff, with the duo looking to exact revenge on a ruthless crime boss. The crime boss, known as Doyle Lonnegan, loves gambling, and this opens the door for the pair to set their big con in motion.

The Hustler

The Hustler, just like The Sting, stars Paul Newman, and it’s another great addition to this list. Newman takes on the role of “Fast” Eddie Felson, a pool hustler with attitude. Felson’s aim is to make it to the top, which sees him head from one seedy venue to another, in the hope of being able to pit his skills against the legendary Minnesota Fats. However, a bad experience sees everything spiral out of control, and Felson turns to Bert Gordon to help rebuild his status.

The Cooler

The Cooler centres on Bernie Lootz, a guy who is down on his luck. He works at a Las Vegas casino, where he’s made a career out of spreading bad luck amongst guests. However, things change for Bernie when he begins to date waitress Natalie Belisario, and he soon becomes a lucky charm for gamblers in Las Vegas. This causes quite the headache for Bernie’s employers, who had specifically hired him to encourage gamblers to lose.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story


Based on a true story, this movie shows how Stuey Ungar, who is played in the film by Michael Imperioli, went from being a teenage card prodigy to a gambling megastar on a global scale. From troubled beginnings which saw Ungar end up in trouble with the mob through his gambling, right through to a high-profile poker career, this biographical gambling movie documents the highs, the lows, and everything in between. It also shows just how success can come at a price, sending out an important message to viewers.

California Spilt

California Split is a movie which sees a carefree single guy in Charlie Walters, who happens to have a penchant hooker, also have a devout love for gambling too. His betting partner, Bill Denny, accompanies Charlie on his mission as he goes in search of that elusive big win, the one which can change everything. The film sees the pair experience both highs and lows on their journey, with good luck and bad luck in supply along the way, while outside forces come into play and threaten to derail their plans.


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