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College Movie Night: Top 10 Films To Watch Before Graduation

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Films are the best choice to take a pause and relax during stressful college life. If you are obsessed with exam preparation while practicing your skills as an essay writer or searching for proofreading service for your term paper, stop at least for 2 hours. 

We prepared a list of the best films for the college movie night. Here you will find the movie that fits any mood. Let’s start observing the top 10 films every student should watch before graduation!

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Legally Blonde

“Legally Blonde” (2001) is a story of one girl with high hopes who achieved her goal. At the beginning of the movie, the main character is a naive girl who believes in love. Throughout the film, her character transforms. When the movie ends, she becomes a self-confident woman who knows what she wants from life. 

The scene of the graduation speech at the end of the film will be very precious for the graduates. Perhaps, after watching this film, you will be inspired to write your own. 

21 Jump Street

It is a comedy that will be fun for everyone, especially students. Two buddy cops are in the center of the plot. When they were high school students, Jenko was a popular guy, while Schmidt was a nerd. But after they got an undercover back-to-school mission, life had another plan for them.

Watch “21 Jump Street” (2012) to see how the main characters act in new roles. How they correct their past mistakes and realize the significance of real friendship.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

It is a movie purely for students. “High School Musical” trilogy focuses on how the characters change during school life. The third part of the film shows how the graduates face the challenges. Also, each of the characters has to pass through their own difficulties and solve personal problems. 

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If you feel nervous about your future graduation, this movie will be motivational to overcome all the challenges. Also, you will feel the graduation vibe, as the characters are at the same life stage as you.

Pitch Perfect

“Pitch Perfect” (2012) focuses mainly on the life of student music groups. If you are fond of music, this film will be a perfect fit. Also, it unites three genres: music, comedy, and romance. According to the plot, the female musical band competes with the male group. After the new recruit comes to the women’s band, the group starts the long path to transformations.

Watch the movie to feel the rivalry and its effect on personal growth. Furthermore, it will help to rethink some conflicts in your life. 

Monsters University

“Monster University” is an animation film that describes all the difficulties of the student right from the first day at college. It helps understand how to overcome all challenges and find the key to live a happy and healthy life in a constant stressful atmosphere. 

The animation characters learn how to find inner strength in themselves during the competition, meet real friends, and achieve their goals. Simple from first sight, “Monsters University” focuses on quite important themes.

Good Will Hunting

The next movie on our list is about teacher-student relationships. In case you have ever faced some misunderstandings with your professors, watch this film to see the situation from another side. 

“Good Will Hunting” (1997) is about everything. Search for identity and purpose, college love and dating, friendship, respect, life struggles, and so on. Watching this movie before graduation will make you rethink your whole experience during college life and draw up some conclusions. 

Mona Lisa Smile

This drama is for true lovers of art and history. “Mona Lisa Smile” (2003) is a movie for those who love to reflect more than entertain. The plot tells about the female struggles in college during the 50s. The main characters got the chance to see life from a new and progressive perspective. 

As the film focuses on the history, you will also learn more about women’s roles in the 1950s and new facts about how art developed during that period. 

The Internship

“The Internship” (2013) allows diving into the atmosphere of post-graduation. Two main characters, who are not so fresh graduates, are enrolled in the internship program. From first sight, everything is OK. But they faced a great problem—they should compete for a chance to work in the top company with more recent graduates. 

Every graduate should watch this film at least once. It is a great chance to observe the real example of postgraduate life and prepare for future challenges. 

Life of the Party

“Life of the Party” (2018) is mainly a “back-to-school” film. Still, it also shows family relationship problems during college life and on-campus living. After the main character faces depression after the divorce, she decides to get back to college. Surprisingly, the middle-aged mother is enrolled at the same college as her daughter. 

This comedy is a pure inspiration for the students. It tells that everyone can find their place in life, and nothing (even the age) will be an obstacle to do this.  

10 Things I Hate About You

“10 Things I Hate About You” (1999) is a romantic film showing the problems of high school seniors. Although the love story is at the center of the plot, the movie also focuses on children-parents relationships, challenges with final exams, friendship, and other difficulties of every student. 

While watching this film, you will come across many life situations and understand the main characters’ motivation. You will undoubtedly put yourself in the main character’s shoes and see the other side of many situations from your own life.

Wrapping Up

At the end of this top 10, we want to mention that each film has a unique life story that can inspire or make you rethink some situations from your life. 

Observe this list to find something motivational, interesting, funny, or even educational. We hope that you will enjoy these movies during your next college movie night! 

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