Movies to look forward to in 2022

2022 looks like a good year for movies. At least it could be a blockbuster year. We have three MCU movies: Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and hopefully, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. (There have been filming delays, so who knows?) I see the potential for three movies this year […]

All Movie Reviews for 2021

Here’s a list of all the hundred-odd movies we added this year with links to their movie review. In a normal year, we usually add about 160 movies to the RunPee database. Here’s hoping that 2022 brings us closer to that number. Reviews by Dan I saw 37 movies and got a mixed bag out of […]

15 Must-Watch Christmas Movies

There aren’t many better ways to spend a cold December evening than snuggled up under a blanket watching a Christmas movie. Read on for my rundown of the top 15 festive movies that deserve a place on your TV this holiday season. 1. Home Alone Home Alone is a beloved festive family movie and with […]


How Do Medical TV Shows Handle Medical Negligence Claims?

Medical negligence is a very sensitive subject that, if handled incorrectly, could create a very poor impression on viewers. So, how exactly do different medical TV shows handle medical negligence claims? While medical practices have come on leaps and bounds over the years, there is no getting around the fact that mistakes can happen. After […]


10 Best Films About Divorce to Prove You’re Not Alone in Yours

Divorces can make you feel incredibly lonely, so here are 10 films to prove that you’re not alone and that you should never give up on love… Unfortunately, 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce, meaning there’s a one in two chance your relationship won’t end well. Problems arise for a variety of reasons […]


10 of Our All-Time Favourite Lawyer Movies

When it comes to movies about lawyers, there are far too many to choose from. Read on to find out our top ten favourites… Films about law can span across all genres and be about any type of lawyer, from a criminal solicitor to a civil litigation solicitor. Having been around since the dawn of […]


9 Best Drugs and Addiction Movies You Have to See

Drugs and addiction may be somewhat taboo, but that hasn’t stopped filmmakers from producing a number of classic movies based around the subject over the years.  Given that the list of topics and themes covered in movies is seemingly endless, it’s no wonder that there have been plenty of films that cover the subject of […]

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5 Ways Horror Folklore is Fashioned in The Movies

Traditionally, horror stories have been used by many cultures to instill fear in children and adults and help them keep away from some dangerous places, choose the right things and be in their best behavior. The creatures had magical, some weird and other superfine clothing. From the 18th century during the Roman era, Gothic novels […]

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10 Best Small Budget Movies

It is usually apparent when a movie is made with a large budget. However, you can’t always say the same about low-budget films. These movies can have such perfect production that it is hard to imagine that it does not cost anywhere as much as another movie you compare them with. This is the case […]

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9 Terrifying Classic Movies: Haunted Houses, Possession, Crazed Killers on the Loose

Some old movies just aren’t scary anymore — times, techniques and audiences have moved on. Yet some classic films can still provide a genuine jolt and are well worth the ride. Across the genres of suspense, horror, science fiction, or the supernatural, here are some of the best chillers from the 1960s and 70s. Be […]

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