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How to Write an Essay Analyzing a Movie’s Storytelling Techniques

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Storytelling is an age-old art form, one that has been used to capture and hold the attention of audiences since the dawn of time. Within the past few decades, the ways that stories are told on the big screen has evolved drastically. Movies now not only tell stories, but tell them in a variety of innovative ways, from narrative structure to character development to cinematic elements. Understanding the techniques used by filmmakers to tell their stories can provide a much richer, deeper understanding of the story and the audience’s experience. Writing an essay that focuses on analyzing a movie’s storytelling techniques can help audiences gain great insight into the movie and its methods of storytelling.

Preparing to Write

Before beginning to write the essay, it’s important to prepare. First, decide which movie to watch. Choose one that has a story that the writer finds interesting and has techniques they want to analyze.

Once the movie has been selected, it’s time to watch it. Make sure to watch the entire movie, as any details or techniques that are missed can affect the analysis. Taking notes as the movie is watched can be helpful, as it will make the essay easier to write later. When taking notes, pay attention to the storytelling techniques used, such as narrative structure, character development, and cinematic elements.

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Outlining the Essay

Once the movie has been watched and notes taken, the next step is to create an outline for the essay. This should include an introduction, body paragraphs to cover the points made in the notes, and a conclusion. The introduction should begin by creating an engaging opening that captures the reader’s attention, provide a brief overview of the movie, and then state the thesis statement. The body should include in-depth analysis of the movie’s storytelling techniques, such as narrative structure, character development, and cinematic elements, and explain how the techniques are used to create a connection between the characters and the audience. For each point, it’s important to use evidence from the movie to support the analysis. The conclusion should summarize the main points made in the essay and provide a lasting impression. Once the outline is complete, it’s time to write the essay.

Writing the Essay

With the outline in place, it’s time to start writing the essay. Begin by creating an engaging introduction, providing background information about the movie, and developing the thesis statement. Next, move on to the body of the essay and expand on each point made in the outline, using evidence from the movie to support the analysis. Finally, conclude with a summary of the main points and provide a lasting impression.

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Editing and Proofreading

Once the essay is complete, it is crucial to go back and check for any errors or mistakes. To do so, reading the essay aloud is a great way to identify any overlooked errors. Utilizing a spellchecker can be beneficial to spot typos and other small issues. Inviting a friend or family member to read the essay is also helpful for finding any mistakes. Grammar and punctuation should be checked carefully and thoroughly, as well as the structure of the essay to ensure it follows the initial outline. It is important to examine each paragraph and evaluate the flow of the essay as a whole in order to ensure the essay is clear, concise, and error-free. Dedicating the necessary time to review the essay will result in a well-written and polished final product.


Analyzing a movie’s storytelling techniques is a great way to deepen the audience’s understanding of the movie and the techniques used to tell the story. Writing an essay on the topic requires careful research and academic analysis. By following the steps of watching the movie, taking notes, outlining the essay, writing the essay, and editing and proofreading the essay, anyone can craft a compelling essay that thoroughly analyzes a movie’s storytelling techniques. With an engaging introduction, well-developed body, and a strong conclusion, even the most complex of topics can be covered in an informative and entertaining manner.

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