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4 Animated Movies That Can Give Valuable Lessons to Adults

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4 Animated Movies That Can Give Valuable Lessons to Adults

Every movie tells a different and unique story about its characters and places. While movies are created for the purpose of entertainment, they can hugely create a change and impact someone.

There are many life-changing movies that have the power to transform someone’s life. No matter the genre, whether it’s fantasy or sci-fi, some movies give valuable life lessons that often go unnoticed by the audience.

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As movies are considered entertainment, many people don’t take them seriously and don’t feel that they can learn anything valuable from them. As a result, many values or lessons portrayed in movies are disregarded.

However, movies should be taken more seriously as the entertainment industry is now rising to the occasion and creating movies that would give the audience something worthy. As an alternative, there are many places online where people can find pure entertainment by watching sports or playing games.

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As there are many other options for entertainment, movies should be deemed as more than just a source of entertainment now. Animated movies are also an underrated genre of giving life lessons to kids as well as adults. Animation is disregarded more as it’s a genre for kids and everyone feels that the content is well suited only for them.

However, on the contrary, you will find that animated movies have more valuable lessons for adults than kids. Many animated films have deeper meanings in their stories and try to pass hard issues in a fun and light-hearted manner.

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Here are some animated movies that give valuable lessons to adults.


Disney’s Encanto explores the dynamics of trauma and issues within a family. The movie’s underlying theme is having to fit in and the pressure of trying to fulfill unrealistic expectations within one’s family.

In a family of people with magical abilities, Mirabel is the only one who doesn’t have a magical ability which is why she always feels left out and tries a bit harder to fit in. To protect the family’s gift, the eldest member of the family, Mirabel’s grandmother, has high expectations from everyone in the family which creates pressure.

This theme of feeling societal pressure to fit in and fulfill one’s expectations in families isn’t unfamiliar and something many people go through.


Soul talks about one of the most common experiences everyone goes through in their lives. The movie sheds light upon people’s dilemma to become happy only once they have achieved success.

The movie follows Joe who believes that his life will begin only after getting a chance to play Jazz professionally. However, after numerous experiences, he learns that he is still living his life even if he’s not living his dream. He then learns to appreciate the small moments in life.

This common trope has been present in many people’s lives where they constantly wait to have the perfect job, partner, or house before they can begin living and enjoying life. However, life should be lived to the fullest no matter where you are in your life. Soul teaches you to appreciate life more and cease every day.

Inside Out

This flick is the perfect portrayal of how we process our emotions and feelings after encountering certain traumatic or bad experiences. People usually suppress any negative feelings and emotions while appearing like they’re doing alright to the outer world.

Inside Out teaches the audience that negative emotions like sadness or sorrow should be embraced as they are a part of you. While positive emotions are essential, negative emotions are just as important and should be respected.


Zootopia centers on important social justice issues like racism, gender equality, and stereotyping that are still prevalent today. The movie shows the world of animals and how they struggle to live with their differences as prey and predators.

The movie gives people the hope that even though people come from different races, gender, and background, it’s possible to live in harmony. Zootopia shows people the importance of inclusivity and how it can help create a better world.


Animated movies are a well-suited watch for people of any age as anyone can learn from them. There are many other animated films with valuable life lessons that should be watched. After watching animated movies, you might even be surprised to discover the unique storytelling of portraying important and hard-hitting issues through a kid’s movie.


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