Best LGBTQ+ Books That Deserve a Movie Adaptation

Numerous best-sellers and underrated books are asking to be made into movies. Therefore, if you have some free time, read these works of art and cross your fingers with us that they will be adapted. The One Woman by Laura May Read the story of the right person, wrong timing in the latest book by […]

Top 7 Books About Video Game Design

Playing video games can be fun. But making video games can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re a keen gamer, I’m sure you’ve considered diving into the magical art of game design many a time. Regardless of whether you’ve never tried making a game or whether you’ve fallen at the hurdles of learning software, trying to […]


Children’s Book Review: Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy – A Cricket in Times Square novel

I’ve been really enjoying a re-read of many favorite childhood novels — in some cases a first-time read. Such is the case with Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy (1974), the third book in a series that began with the classic The Cricket in Times Square. As a kid, I adored the Cricket story and never knew […]


Children’s Book Review – Tucker’s Countryside (A sequel to The Cricket in Times Square)

Tucker in Tucker’s Countryside (1969) is the mouse from the extraordinary and renowned children’s book The Cricket in Times Square. Here the mouse gets his own heroic tail. Or, er…tale. In Cricket — the origin novel (and animated children’s special) — small and lonely Chester Cricket gets accidentally trapped in the New York Square Subway […]


Children’s Book Review – Bunnicula

I’ve been doing a little light yoga reading routine each morning. I put my legs in the air for 10 minutes, before I even get out of bed, to take me from sleepy to wakey in a gentler fashion. Hey, it’s Doctor Approved! I decided to take this daily time to read through some kiddie […]