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Cinema trips might be out of the question for now due to the coronavirus crisis, but many who are stuck at home are watching more films than ever before.

The large number of streaming services out there now means people are completely spoiled for choice, with Disney+ having recently joined the industry to compete with the likes of Netflix.

Film fans will likely want to join as many of these streaming services as possible to ensure that they do not miss out on great movies. The cost of them all can soon start to mount up fast and put pressure on your bank balance.

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The principle behind money saving is simple: make sure more cash is coming in than going out. Money saving apps can help a lot with this, but what are some other top tips for saving cash?

Basic tips for saving

Movie streaming services might offer plenty of options for films to watch, but did you know there are plenty of movies available to stream for free on YouTube as well? One of the best ways to cut costs is to find free ways to enjoy your favourite hobby.

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Michael Linhart

July 30, 2023

My bladder thanks you so much!! App works great for telling u when and for how long you have a pee break! I didn’t use the timer function so the dialog in the movie was a great clue as to when to go. I also liked the info about each movie to know whether there was any extra scenes during or after the credits. Nothing worse than waiting for all the credits and then no extra scene.

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Let’s take gambling as another example. Playing games like slots at online casinos can be a lot of fun. But those on a tight budget might be worried about losing cash. This is where no deposit casinos can be a great help. These are 100% free and available for download and eliminate the risk of losing cash for players.

Keeping a record of spending is used as a saving method by many people. A basic spreadsheet can make a big difference, while there are plenty of apps available to help with this as well.

So what are some of the best money-saving apps that can help cinephiles to control their cash?

1- Monzo

Without a doubt one of the best money-saving apps on the market, Monzo launched in the United States last year after successfully establishing itself in the United Kingdom first.

Monzo in the US is slightly different in the UK, where it can be used as a normal bank account. American customers can use Monzo in a similar way to Venmo, by making quick and easy payments to friends and family, or they can use it to budget and to build savings.

Payments are made instantly through the app and there is 24/7 customer support to all users who opt to join Monzo as well.

For example, you could put the money you are saving from not going to the cinema into a Monzo account. Then, once lockdown conditions are lifted and cinemas are able to open again, you will have a handy pot of cash you can use to catch up on all the latest movies.

2- Digit

Digit users love how easy the app makes it for them to save much more money.

Described by the firm as your smart financial assistant, Digit analyzes your spending on a daily basis. By doing this, the app can automatically work out how much cash to help you to save.

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, Digit users will find they save money towards their goals easily and efficiently, without having to make any substantial changes to their lifestyle.

So if you are accustomed to making a cinema trip a couple of times a week, Digit will factor that into your financial situation. The app will then make sure there is always enough spare money in the pot to cover whatever film you want to see next.

3- Qapital

Available for both the iOS and Android operating systems and available as a free trial, Qapital has been a life-changing money saving app for a lot of people.

Katherine Salisbury and George Friedman founded Qapital with the aim of creating a new type of banking system. And they have certainly succeeded, with an initial launch in Sweden followed by a change in focus to the US. Millions of users have now signed up to use the service.

Qapital claims that its members are able to save an average of $5,000 every year, demonstrating how useful it can be to those who join. Users are encouraged to set savings targets through the app, which then helps them to ensure that their goals will all be met.

While Qapital can be tested out for free for 30 days, users will then have to sign up to a package ranging from $3 to $12 per month. But the extra savings more than make up for that small fee.

4- Mint

Setting a budget that works is often the first place to start on the road to saving money and this is where Mint could prove to be a very useful app to download for film fans during the pandemic.

A bill payment tracker is just one of the many handy tools included in Mint, helping users to avoid being hit with late fees, for example should they forget to make a payment.

Balances and bills are shown in the same place to make it easy to keep track of your money. And users can even get their credit score added to the app to see how quickly it is improving.

Accounts are automatically updated in real-time so you can see exactly what you spend on.

5- Stash

Keeping a record of spending is used as a saving method by many people. A basic spreadsheet can make a big difference, while there are plenty of money saving apps like Stash available to help with this as well.

6- Honey

Many people are shopping online more than ever right now, making a money saving app like Honey incredibly handy. (I use this app myself.)

This app – which works as a browser extension on all your devices – automatically scans for potential coupons that can save you money on online purchases.

This is particularly useful when you are making big purchases. It saves time that would otherwise be used looking around the internet for a promotion code that can help save cash.

More than 400 stores in the US are covered by Honey, so the app can save money on millions of items. You can also add items to a droplist and, when a discount becomes available, Honey will send you a notification so you can complete the purchase. A must-download lockdown app.

Don’t miss your favorite movie moments because you have to pee or need a snack. Use the RunPee app (Androidor iPhone) when you go to the movies. We have Peetimes for all wide release films every week, including Twisters, Fly Me To The Moon, Despicable Me 4, A Quiet Place: Day One, Inside Out 2 and coming soon, Deadpool & Wolverien, Borderlands, Alien: Romulus and many others. We have literally thousands of Peetimes—from classic movies through today’s blockbusters. You can also keep up with movie news and reviews on our blog, or by following us on Twitter @RunPee. If there’s a new film out there, we’ve got your bladder covered.


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