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10 Movies Every Female Entrepreneur Should Watch

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Movies are a great source of inspiration for many of us as we all love a good story. Since in the real world, women are still struggling to make their place in the business world, it is ecstatic to watch such stories where female entrepreneurs fight all those fights too and turn out to be successful businesswomen.

Also, there are many times when we women can get tired of all the stereotyping and gender biases, name callings, etc. It’s only natural when we want a slight push and motivation to keep fighting our good fight for equality. This motivation can come from powerful feminist movies.

In this article, we have listed down ten movies that every female entrepreneur should watch to give her the right kind of motivation to keep it going. There are a lot of important lessons for budding female entrepreneurs who can learn from these Hollywood business movies. We hope our list inspires you enough to inspire you enough in your journey.

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1.    Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

This movie is about a single mother, Rose, who is trying to save tuition to send her son to college. She is soon forced into a crime scene cleanup job to help the police. She then tries to bring her unemployed sister with her into the business.

The movie is inspiring in the sense that even in a job that is not traditionally designed for women, they can make it because women can be successful in any industry if they put their minds to it.

Director: Christine Jeff

2.    Mostly Martha (2001)

Martha is a shy and well-known cook who lives in Hamburg. She goes through a shock, and her life is turned upside down when her sister dies in a car crash, leaving a young child behind. Martha decides that she will be taking care of her orphaned niece, which is when she starts encountering a new set of problems with her 8-year-old niece.

Martha is shown as a headstrong character who is willing to take on any problem. However, dealing with an 8-year-old puts her in unknown territory. This is when an Italian cook Martha works with enters their lives and eases a few things for her.

With this movie, you can learn that how personal incidents affect a women’s career and how she balances work and personal life.

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Director: Sandra Nettlebeck

3.    The Ground beneath My Feet (2019)

This movie is about a business consultant, Lola. She is good at her job. She has a sister, conny, who is going through a mental disease of schizophrenia and attempts suicide. Lola keeps her sister and her mental illness a secret from everyone. However, something unexpected ruins her secretive setup.

The movie is a classic dilemma of keeping personal and professional lives separate. Every woman entrepreneur faces this dilemma whether to share her personal life with her coworkers or not.

Director: Marie Kreutzer

4.    Julie & Julia (2009)

Julie is passionate about cooking and takes on the task of cooking 524 recipes from the book ‘Mastering the Art of French cooking’ by American chef Julia child. While taking on this mission, she also starts a blog sharing details about her experience.

The blog has a huge fan following, and she sees an unexpected success. This is a cute movie that shows you can be passionate about anything, and success will come your way.

Today, we have a lot of female bloggers that are offering internet marketing services, content creation, etc., who can take inspiration from this movie. Your passion shows in your blogging, and that is all that matters when you are a blogger.

Director: Nore Ephron

5.    Born to Win (2016)

This movie gives you a lesson that too much greed can end up hurting you and your career in the long run. The movie is about Encarana, who leads a dull life, and nothing has changed in so many years for her.

Suddenly she meets her classmate who suggests that she enters into a business that will bring her benefits and help her live the life she always dreamed of living.

Director: Vicente Villanueva

6.    Working Girl (1988)

Every girl has to face the situation where she has to make this decision that would lead her to success. In Working Girl, Tess has to make these hard choices as well.

This movie is about Tess, who works as a secretary for a large corporation. She keeps striving for a better position in the firm. She faces the harsh realities of the corporate world, but she tackles all of it smoothly and counters every hurdle that comes her way.

She comes across an opportunity when her boss suffers an accident. She twists her way around to get what she wants through lying and cheating her way towards it.

Everyone comes across this dilemma of sticking to their values or cheating their way through to get to a position of power. Choose your path!

Director: Mike Nichols

7.    Coco Chanel (2008)

This movie is about a famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. The movie outlines the story of her life that led her to build this brand called “Coco Chanel.” This movie shows that you can have no support and still struggle to be a success.

Coco was 12 when she lost her mother, and she is abandoned by her father. She learns sewing at a catholic orphanage, and little by little, she makes her towards success.

Director: Christian Duguay

8.    The Devil Wears Prada ( 2006 )

This movie is about a strong woman character played by Meryl Streep. Her character in the movie is considered as one of the most liked one of the powerful and iconic bosses. This movie teaches women that there is a story behind every strong woman that makes her the way she is. The movie is rated 75% on rotten tomatoes.

Director: David Frankel

9.    Small Time Crooks (2000)

This movie is a small-time comedy that also empowers the power of women’s contribution to the household. The male character of the movie plans to rob a bank and, for this reason, rents out the pizza shop next door.

The wife, however, starts selling cookies, which becomes popular among the customer and leads the family toward unanticipated success.

Director: Woody Allen

 10. The Book shop (2017)

This movie is about a small town in England encapturing the era of 1959, where a young woman wants to open a bookshop, but the neighbors give her a tough time.

Director: Isabel Coixet

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