Movie review: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the GuardiansA visually stunning movie that is destined to become a holiday classic along with Rudolph and The Grinch. The overarching theme of *The Guardians* revolves around Jack Frost finding his identity and how important beliefs are in shaping reality.

The importance of “finding your center” is explored my multiple characters. It’s a message that young children may not grasp but may resonate with some preadolescent children. The movie and it’s concepts could be used as a stepping stone to a thought provoking discussion with your children afterwards. Much the same way that *Rudolph* can lead to a discussion about how everyone feels like a misfit sometimes. And yet that trait that makes us feel like a misfit may later become a source of strength.

While *Guardians* might have it’s greatest appeal for preadolescent children its really a movie for all ages. Its silly humor will appeal to younger children and of course it has humor aimed specifically at adults as all good animated movies have.

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