Movie review: Gringo

The ending of this movie reminds me a little bit of Guy Ritchie’s *Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels*, only it isn’t nearly as good. I would give this movie a C for about the first 3/4, and B- for the last 1/4 — where there’s actual humor and action.

The humor in this movie is a disappointment. If your average comedy is “Hahaha”, this one is a “Ha”. I was expecting funny scenes and lines, and just got tired of waiting. The acting is like a dramatic comedy, but without the humor and drama. It’s just a little over the top, like they were trying too hard.

Throughout the movie the director tries to create a world upside down: the greedy guys get to win every time. (Yes, it’s expressed as heavy-handed as it sounds.)

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At least the last 20 minutes of this movie made me think that it’s not all that bad.

Grade: C+

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