Pitch Perfect 2 – movie review

Grade: A Rarely does a sequel out-shin the original but such is the case with Pitch Perfect 2. The musical numbers are great and Fat Amy keeps us laughing. If you liked Perfect Pitch, you’ll love PP2. This is definitely an A movie.

Home – movie review

Grade: B- The producers of Home did a fine job of giving youngsters a movie with lots of action, movement and funny looking creatures. The story line was just adequate enough to keep the audience engaged. Jim Parsons was excellent as Oh and Rihanna knocked it out of the park with her interpretation of Tip

The Gunman – movie review

Grade: C+ There’s lots of action, lots of things being blown up, and people dying one after another. Sean Penn if very watchable and gives a respectable performance as does Javier Bardem. The plot can be difficult to follow with all the globe-trotting that takes place.

Cinderella – movie review

Grade: B+ Disney studios along with Kenneth Branagh as director has given a fresh look to an age-old fairy tale. The original animated movie of Cinderella is a classic and hopefully this is how posterity will view the new Cinderella. It’s a beautiful movie with an outstanding cast and spot on directing.