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Movie Review – The Circle

Grade – C+ (a little bit above average) Imagine if Facebook and Google got married, had a monster-child, and named it Circle. There you have it. Could this really happen? Yes indeed, and to take that one step further, I’ll wager that there’s a monster-child already gestating out there in cyber space. The Circle had […]

Aloha – movie review

Grade: C- I love Bill Murray. That being said, I must believe that he took the roll of Carson Welsh because his little buddy from St. Vincent, Jaeden Lieberher, was also in Aloha. As for the other big names, Bradley Cooper, Emma Watson and Rachel McAdams: they showed up, and spoke their lines, but I […]

Tomorrowland – movie review

Grade: C+ I found Tomorrowland visually stunning, however the plot was convoluted especially for the younger set and was about 45 minutes longer than it needed to be. Parents can be comfortable in taking the children to see this movie. There are several good role models and the violence is kept to a minimum. Tomorrowland […]

The Woman in Gold – movie review

Grade: B+ The Woman In Gold is a wonderful venue for Helen Mirren to shine and for Ryan Reynolds to show us that he’s more than just a pretty face. Reynolds dug deep and showed us another layer of his acting skills as Randol Schoenberg, the young attorney who took on the entire government of […]

Effie Gray – movie review

Grade: C Effie Gray was a slow paced Victorian period piece. I would have liked to have seen more Emma Thompson and less of Dakota Fanning looking like a sad whipped puppy. I do enjoy Dakota and loved her in Hound Dog but this movie was not a great vehicle for her angelic face that […]

Little Boy – movie review

Grade: B- Little Boy is a little movie with a big heart. It’s a great family movie that teaches us faith, the value of never giving up, and most of all teaches the younger set about the pain and hurtfulness of racism. Children in the 7 to 11 year old range will enjoy Little Boy, […]

The Water Diviner – movie review

Grade: B WW I history buffs will enjoy this movie ever though it’s not completely historically accurate. Russell Crow did a respectable job directing Water Diviner and the acting was good. While this movie cannot be compared to other epic war dramas, Saving Private Ryan for instance, it does provide the movie goer with a […]