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State of the RunPee – Will RunPee.com make it big?

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of RunPee. RunPee has gotten lots of press coverage. Google Analytics informs me that incoming traffic is coming from almost 3,000 different sources. That’s pretty good. This coming week I have a handful of radio interviews to do in locations around the world. And there […]

What would a RunPee Facebook app do?

I’m not much of a Facebook user myself. I have an account but rarely visit it. However many people have suggested that RunPee have a Facebook app. So I’d like to ask you: What would it do? How would you use it? Any feedback would be great and help me build something that everyone will […]

State of the RunPee – iPhone App is coming!

Just one month ago, April 30th, we had a total of 9 visitors to RunPee.com. Since then the traffic has skyrocketed. Our low traffic since we were noticed is just over 6,000+ daily visitors. In that time we’ve had two server crashes, a move to a new more robust/costly server and a half dozen traffic […]

Why RunPee is Built Using Flash and Not HTML

I’ve been asked many times, “Why is the site built 100% with Flash?” There’s a very simple answer for that: I’m a Flash Platform developer. I don’t know any other way to build it. I had the idea/concept for the site years ago – after watching King Kong. At the time I didn’t know how […]

Review: Star Trek

What did you think about Star Trek? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below. I saw Star Trek twice on opening day – so that I could get some real good and accurate PeeTimes. And I must say that it wasn’t as good on the second viewing. While it was an incredibly […]

Review : Terminator Salvation

What did you think about Terminator Salvation? I thought it was a pretty good movie. Much better than T3 but then that’s not saying much is it? Terminator and T2 are very hard to improve upon. So Salvation is pretty easy to place in the Terminator pantheon. The Fx were great. Acting was top notch […]

RunPee.com mentioned on MacsimumNews.com

The fine folks over at MacsimumNews.com have a nice piece about RunPee. Thanks fellas. You’re the first news website that I know of to talk about RunPee.com. Hopefully you’ll start a trend! 🙂 And nice work on actually taking the time to do a screen shot of the site and explain what we’re all about. […]