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Movie Review – One Life

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The first thing that struck me is the magnificent job Johnny Flynn does as a young Anthony Hopkins. From his first scene you can see how he studied the head movements and manner of speaking that personifies Anthony Hopkins. It’s a little strange that the actor is working to imitate another actor who is playing a real person. But in this instance it works better this way.

The writing and editing are as good as anyone could possibly hope for. The story bounces between 1939 and 1987. There are a lot of ways to screw up the sequence and make it confusing, and only a few ways that work so that the transition from present to past and back and forth will work to enhance each scene. Kudos to editor Lucia Zucchetti for putting the scenes in the proper order to make a compelling story.

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The story itself is inspiring, and it’s tragic to see Nicky is tormented by the children he didn’t save.

Public Service Announcement

I make no secret of the fact that I’m liberal. How do I feel about immigration in the United States, especially for refugees? The more, the merrier.

“[Immigration] is a problem that took generations to come into being as a problem and it’s going to take long-term thinking to fix it.”

We have a presidential election this year. Many liberal people are dissatisfied with President Biden, and I can understand that. I wish we had a better choice. But Biden isn’t bad; in my opinion, he’s achieved more than any president this millennium.

On the other side is a man who has publically bragged about becoming a dictator. If you think this upcoming election doesn’t matter, then realize if Trump is elected, we are inching closer to a United States that promotes the values of the Nazi party. Trump has repeatedly described immigrants using the same words Hitler used for Jews. If you want to live in that version of America, then you are spitting in the face of our founding fathers. Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong in the comments, and try to do so without sounding like a fool.

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February 13, 2019

RunPee is an excellent app that has all the info you need when going to the movies. Whenever I go to a movie, I open up the app and know when the best time to dip to the bathroom is. They have pee times for movies just a few hours after their release and it shows the dedication the team has for the service. Definitely recommend for any movie-goer.

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Grade: A

About The Peetimes: I would recommend the 2nd Peetime. I have one earlier Peetime in case you can’t hold it that long.

There are no extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of One Life.

Rated: (PG) NA
Genres: Biography, Drama, History
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Lena Olin, Johnny Flynn
Director: James Hawes
Writer(s): Lucinda Coxon, Nick Drake, Barbara Winton
Language: English, German, Czech, French
Country: United Kingdom

Sir Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Winton, a young London broker who, in the months leading up to World War II, rescued over 600 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

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3 responses to “Movie Review – One Life”

  1.  Avatar

    I enjoy the effort you put in the Run Pee product. I wasn’t quiet sure why you wanted to try to stir up a political fight on the presidential election but it is your product to do as you please.
    Since you hate Trump what you hear him say is an interpretation of what you hear. I hear that same dictator phrase(which he couched as “for one day”). Which is Trump speak for I’m going to put all my policies back in place that Biden reversed when he took office.
    All the conservatives I know think we should have immigration but it seems out of control right now. And I have lived in Texas all my life so I am experienced with immigration from entry to friendship to working with Hispanics to having them work for me. I think you guys take it for granted that Texas bares a heavy burden for your wants when it comes to immigrants illegally coming into our State.
    But my question is how would Trump become a dictator how does that happen? Military leaders aren’t really fans of his and without a military there is No Coo. Not to mention this is 200+ yr old country built on one idea “freedom”. So you and me wouldn’t let him.become a dictator, and neither would any other conservative I know.
    Hope you’re okay with a guy that thinks differently using your product.
    Kelly P Sullivan
    Fort Worth, Texas

  2.  Avatar

    I am disappointed that you interject your political position into this wonderful site you have created. I see no purpose for it.

    1. It isn’t much, but I consider it my patriotic duty to do what little I can. I’m a proud American. I love what “I think” this country stands for and I think we can do better. Other people think America stands for something different. That’s their prerogative. But the logic and values they use to arrive at some of the conclusions they do are antithetical to what our founding fathers espoused.

      Your type of comment is reminiscent of those who tell athletes, “Shut up and play.” As if their only value is to put a ball in a hoop, or throw a ball, whatever. The same thing can be said of people like you. “Shut up and just watch movies.” Of course that’s a ridiculous statement, but no more so than what you suggested in your comment. I do appreciate that you were civil about it. Thank you. But using nice words to say something uncivil doesn’t make it right.

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