Agent Coulson Quiz – Clark Gregg – Actor, writer, director and the ‘Nicest Guy in Hollywood’

With Captain Marvel taking us back to Agent Coulson’s younger days, I made this quiz, including questions about Clark Gregg’s mostly Avengers-oriented movie career, and trivia concerning his private life, in 10 fun multiple choice questions. Good luck!

Hope you had as much fun taking this Clark Gregg quiz as I had making it. You seem like a nice person…so maybe you could share this quiz with 42 of your best friends, and perhaps my boss/son will give me a (well-deserved) raise.

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One Reply to “Agent Coulson Quiz – Clark Gregg – Actor, writer, director and the ‘Nicest Guy in Hollywood’”

  1. I first met him as an actor in New Adventures of Old Christine, so I always have that character in my mind when I see Agent Coulson.
    He was adorable.

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