21 and Over – movie review

21andOverGrade: B+

If you enjoyed *Hangover* then you’re going to love *21 and Over* – they’re both written and directed by the same crew. The difference between these movies is that *The Hangover* barely crossed over the line to become an R-rated film; *21 and Over* goes zooming past that line, and leaves it fading in the rear view mirror.

What I find appealing about both of these movies is that they are more than just the crazy, raunchy antics. Sure, that aspect makes up the bulk of the movie, but the story and character development remains, and pays off at the end.

I loved the movie, and I’d like to encourage people who don’t normally go for this genre of humor to give it a try. However, I feel that everyone should be forewarned that this movie is full of vulgar, racist, and over the top offensive humor. If that doesn’t sound like it’s your bag of popcorn then you should avoid it. You’d probably rather wash your ears out with acid than listen to the funny things these kids have to say.

Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis)

Favorite movie genre: horror

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