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What to watch next? Movies for gamers

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The Matrix (1999) Break Free from the Simulation

Choosing the right movie to watch can be tough despite the endless libraries that streaming services provide us. Gamers particularly have a unique perspective to this topic, given the fact that their main hobby is spending time on video games or other various genres, which assume active involvement of the players. In other words, they are active consumers, and choosing the right movie for them can be tricky since it has to be dynamic and better to contain some thrill of the world of gaming.

This is not an easy task but we got you covered, dear gamers, since we examined a whole bunch of movies and series and picked up the best titles that might spark an interest among you.

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Not only the gaming companies, but also movie makers appreciate the interest in games as a way of entertainment, and sometimes they select topics from gaming scene, creating an entire movie around it. So, every gamer, watching these movies or series, will already find something very special to their main interest. Let’s dive into the selected titles.

Rounders (1998)

We cannot help but start this list with the most iconic game – poker. Today it has a major audience and people enjoy it as a part of their entertainment, playing on online platforms or with their friends. Moreover, those who know how to win at poker and feel confident enough, tend to take part in some tournaments – local or international. Whether you are an experienced poker player or a novice, there is a movie for you to watch, that will keep you in the excitement of the game – Rounders (1998).

Matt Damon plays Mike, a guy who’s got a knack for poker but had to walk away after several unlucky games. After his buddy Worm (Edward Norton) gets into some serious trouble with a bad crowd, the only way out is for Mike to get back in the game.

What makes Rounders awesome is that it gets into the headspace of poker. It’s not just about the cards, it’s about strategy, reading your opponents, and knowing when to take a massive risk. That feeling when you size someone up and call their bluff? That’s pure adrenaline, and this movie captures it perfectly.

Rounders is about more than just poker. It’s got those classic themes of friendship, taking a second chance, and that drive to be the best – stuff any gamer can relate to. Plus, the film was so popular it helped kick off the huge poker craze a few years back. So yeah, if you’re into games and a good story, Rounders is a solid bet.

Tron (1982): Escape into the Grid

Look, if you love gaming and haven’t seen Tron, you’re seriously missing out. This movie came out back in 1982, way before all the fancy CGI of today. Back then, the visuals in Tron were mind-blowing. Forget complex plots and character development for a second – Tron was all about the eye candy. Imagine a world bathed in neon lights, where motorcycles are replaced by light cycles, and even the people look like they’re made of glowing blocks. It was a complete game-changer in how it brought a digital world to life.

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Sure, the story itself is a bit basic. A programmer named Flynn gets sucked into a computer world called the Grid, which is basically a giant digital city ruled by these evil programs. But Tron, a security program, is fighting for the good people. Think gladiator fights but with discs instead of swords, and those epic light cycle races you might have seen in video games? Tron has it all. It’s pure 80s cheese but in the best way possible. And if you’re someone who geeks out over tech history, this movie is a must-see. It’s a reminder of how far visual effects have come, but also how sometimes a little creativity can go a long way.

The Matrix (1999): Break Free from the Simulation

Whoa, gamer, hold onto your controller. The Matrix isn’t your typical action flick. This movie throws a giant wrench into your perception of reality. What if everything you think you know, your entire life, is a computer simulation? That’s the mind-blowing concept that this movie explores.

Our hero, Neo, is just a regular character, hacking away at his computer one day when his world gets flipped upside down. He discovers this shocking truth: humans are basically like batteries powering evil machines. Now, he has to join a rebellion led by the mysterious Morpheus and the badass warrior Trinity. They fight to free humanity from this simulated prison.

The Matrix is more than just mind-bending action sequences (although, let’s face it, those bullet-time fight scenes are epic). It forces you to question everything you think you know about reality. Is what you see real, or is it just an elaborate program? This is the kind of movie that stays with you long after the credits roll, leaving you pondering the nature of existence. It’s a true sci-fi classic that deserves a spot in any gamer’s movie collection.

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