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Top 7 Movies That Have Depth And Substance To Inspire Analysis

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Not only do books inspire students to write an essay or a review, but certain movies do too. A film with a strong plot, extraordinary narration, and gripping storytelling is worth writing an essay on. This article will tell you how movies can inspire analysis. Stay tuned; a lot is on the way.

Good Will Hunting (1997)


In the movie, the character Will Hunting is a genius. But, he works as a janitor by choice. Eventually, his talent is discovered by a professor at MIT when he solves a complicated math problem. The professor then helps him reach his potential. But, Will Hunting gets arrested for attacking a police officer. The professor takes advantage and makes a deal. He asks Will to see a therapist and get leniency.

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Why does this story inspire students to write? According to experts at U.S. based service Edu Jungles, the movie is multi-themed that helps students write a compelling analysis.

The theme of the movie revolves around:

  • Mental health;
  • Intelligence;
  • Personal relationships;

It inspires students to pull their evidence from real-life examples and be creative. Writers must learn to write about a wide range of emotions and characters. Analysing this movie is sure to help them do so.

The movie is fully packed with many emotions and themes while still intriguing and relatable. Analysing it will help you develop real-life examples into something thought-provoking and sophisticated. This makes it one of the good movies for critical analysis.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)


It is one of the best film analysis movies with a fantastic plot. The leader of a traveling show – Dr. Parnassus – has a dark secret. And the secret is that he traded his daughter’s soul to the devil thousands of years ago. When the devil comes to take his daughter, Dr. Parnassus wants to save her. He now must make a final wager. To do that, he has to collect five souls before the devil does. Tony agrees to help him with his eye on marrying the doctor’s daughter on this journey.

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It is a fascinating plot to analyse, and the writer will have a joyride crafting its analysis with engaging characters and unusual twists.

Broken Flowers (2005)

After being dumped by his latest girlfriend, Don Johnston has nothing but to sit around the house. One day, he receives a letter from a former girlfriend that claims he has a 19-year-old son. After reading the letter, he does not bother to follow up. But, his neighbour encourages him to resolve the mystery and find out the truth by visiting his exes.

The downfalls and possibilities for new things in life shown in the movie are significant elements to analyse. It will help you be creative and craft a thought-provoking and philosophical piece. Thereby, Broken Flowers is undoubtedly one of the best movies to analyse.

500 Days of Summer (2009)


It is a romance-comedy plot where two people from different paradigms meet and break up. The direction of the movie is superbly executed when it comes to storytelling. Tom believes in love, intimacy, and relationships, whereas summer is the opposite. The movie teaches a lot about coping with a break-up. Love and heartbreak go hand in hand. The film appeals to the masses, relatable to many who believe in putting love over a career. Also, when writing argumentative essays, this can be a great theme to pull off.

So, have you been confused about which movie is interesting enough to write an essay about? Five hundred days of summer is undoubtedly one of the good movies to analyse. The film allows you to explore how love happens? How to cope with heartbreak? How not to live in the past? The movie’s graphics, music, art, and storytelling aspects inspire you to create. Figure out what niche you want to focus on while watching the movie. Take your notes if required. You would grab your part of creativity from the film that will inspire you to write an analysis.

Red Dragon (2002)


The story revolves around an ex-FBI agent Will Graham. He is an expert in what he does. But, he quits his job after almost losing his life while trying to capture Dr. Lecter. However, he soon realises that the best way to capture the killer is to get inside his mind. This realization occurs after a series of murders. He has to confront his past and take help from Dr. Lecter to catch another killer, Francis Dolarhyde.

The exciting events in this psychological thriller make it a fantastic movie to review.

Almost Famous (2000)

A comedy-drama film set in 1973 revolves around a 15-year old writer William. His love for music gets him a freelance assignment with Rolling Stone magazine. In this assignment, he has to interview a rock band, Stillwater. This assignment makes him embark on an eye-opening journey.

The story is sure to hook you from the first scene. And the multi-faceted and intriguing characters will make the analysis even more exciting and easy to craft. In the movie, rock music is both criticized and romanticized. It will allow you to discuss your own opinion on rock music.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)


Hands down – one of the best stories of the year 2014. The movie and the book hooked many hearts with their beautiful yet heartbreaking plot. It is a film that can be watched over and over again. The two love birds Hazel and Augustus, their close intimacy and care for each other made many eyes shed tears. Indeed, the movie was more than just love and cancer. The story is painful, sad, and tragic, yet it is full of love, excitement, and happiness. It will make you smile, tear up, laugh, and cry repeatedly.

By far one of the best movies to analyse, the fault in our stars stands out for its substance. The perfect storyline gives you a chance to examine the dialogues, preamble, emotions, and feelings inculcated with deep love and affection. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green teaches you that cancer does not just affect victims but all those who love.


All in all, each of the movies mentioned above has its uniqueness. This uniqueness will inspire you to write a compelling piece without putting too much effort. If the story has many elements to discuss and you get to give a thought-provoking opinion, then it is undoubtedly a great story to analyse.

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